Fall 2009 : CSE 1020E

Calendar: see the main web site for the course

Second set of summary slides

Slides containing the review question for the second tutorial session. Full set of slides to appear later.

First set of summary slides

Some slides for the first tutorial session. Summarizes many (but not all) of the major concepts covered in the second half of the course. Many full examples throughout.

Labtest 2 Review Questions

Some practice questions for Labtest 2.

Midterm Review Questions

Some midterm review questions.
Some solutions.


Wed Sep 8:Introduction
Fri Sep 10:Day 02
Mon Sep 14:Day 03
Wed Sep 16:Day 04
Fri Sep 18:Day 05
Mon Sep 21:Day 06
Wed Sep 23:Day 07
Fri Sep 25:Day 08
Mon Sep 28:Day 09
Wed Sep 30:Day 10
Fri Oct 02:Day 11
Mon Oct 05:Day 12
Wed Oct 07:Day 13
Fri Oct 09:Day 14
Mon Oct 19:Day 15
Wed Oct 21:Day 16
Fri Oct 23:Day 17
Mon Oct 26:Day 18
Wed Oct 28:Day 19
Fri Oct 30:Day 20
Mon Nov 02:Day 21
Wed Nov 04:Day 22
Fri Nov 06:Day 23
Mon Nov 09:Day 24
Wed Nov 11:Day 25
Fri Nov 13:Day 26
Mon Nov 16:Day 27
Wed Nov 18:Day 28
Fri Nov 20:Day 29
Mon Nov 23:Day 30
Wed Nov 25:Day 31
Fri Nov 27:Day 32
Mon Nov 30:Day 33
Wed Dec 2:Day 34
Fri Dec 4:Day 35
Mon Dec 6:Day 36