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List of Software installed in LAS1002

List of Windows Applications installed in LAS1002

While every effort is made to keep this list current, you must be aware that the applications installed are driven by academic requirements of the courses that use these labs, and as such applications will change without notice.

Adobe Acrobat Professional v9
ConTEXT Editor v0.98.6
7-Zip v9.20
Mozilla Firefox v5.0.1
Opera v11.01
Safari 5.0
Flash v10.2.152.32
Shockwave v11.5.9.620
Silverlight v4.0.60129.0
Java SDK v1.6.0_24
Quicktime v7.6.9
Capture v1.4.7 (screen capture utility)
Cygwin /X
GhostScript v9.01
Ghostview v4.9
FileZilla v3.4
Putty v0.60
IrfanView v4.28
ReaPlayer v11
Internet Explorer 8
Symantec Endpoint Protection v11
WinSCP v4.3.2
GNU Emacs v23.3
jEdit v4.3
Paint.NET v3.58
OpenOffice v3.3.0
Notepad++ v5.9.3
VisualStudio v6 w/SP 6
Visio 2010
MatLab r2011a
Eclipse v3.7
Nero Express
Visual Studio 2010
Process Analysis Toolkit v3.3.1
Miktex v2.9
Rodin v2.2.2
EiffelStudio v6.8 and Espec
Jspin v5.0
JFlap v7.0
PCSpim v8.0 (MIPS Simulator)
TYPE (The York Programming Environment) v7A
NetBeans v6.9
Weka v3.6.1
EclipseEE Blackberry Development
Firefox Firebug v1.7.3
Arachnophilia v5.4
Microsoft Office 2010
Alice v2.2
Cycling '74 Max v5.1.8

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