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YUCoM Archives and Collections

Most of the objects in the museum are organized into individual archives and collections focused on a single manufacturer or event. While an archive comprises exclusively of documents, photographs, and oral histories, a collection may also include hardware and software artifacts as well as other objects. Currently, YUCoM's largest archives and collections are devoted to the APL programming language, and the computer hobby movement as well as to companies including ATI, Dynalogic, DY-4, IBM Canada, Matrox, Microsystems International Ltd. (MIL), Micro Computer Machines (MCM), and NABU Manufacturing. They contain over 3000 artifacts.

At present, only a partial listing of YUCoM's collections and archives is available on line (see below). Please contact the mueum if you have a question about a subject not covered by any of the collection/archive on the list.

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