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Research at YUCoM

One of the main functions of the museum is to initiate, conduct, and support original historical research on the development of the Canadian computing industry as well as on the technological, economic, social, and cultural impact of computer technology on Canadian society.

Software recovery and analysis as well as computer system reconstruction and emulation are the main projects that YUCoM is currently involved in (see, for instance the NABU Network reconstruction project page). Hardware emulation projects are dedicated to some of the most significant early Canadian microcomputers (the MCM/70 and the MIL MOD8) as well as networks (e.g. the NABU Network).

The YUCoM's collection is available to anyone who wants to consult it for the purpose of research. In most cases, the use of hardware artifacts is restricted due to the age and fragile technical condition of most of these objects.

Please contact YUCoM to schedule a research visit. The space limitations of YUCoM's reading room and the fact that all the materials in the YUCoM's collection are non-circulating (and, hence, may only be consulted on the premises) makes an advanced scheduling of such visits necessary.

YUCoM also provides some off-site research services such as the search of museum's collection for specific objects and documents.

Currently only a partial catalog of YUCoM's collection is available on the museum's Web site. The full information about YUCoM's collection as well as the up-to-date catalog of objects in the YUCoM's collection will be available on line in the near future.

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