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Historical Note: Matrox Electronics was founded by Lorne Trottier and Branco Matić in Montreal in 1976 at the peak of the North American computer hobby movement. The company's first product was a specialized video-display device called Video RAM (released in 1977) which interfaced with a computer to display computer-generated alphanumeric data (the MTX-1632 Video RAM). In the same year, Matrox offered the ALT 256**2 graphics board for the S-100 bus-based microcomputers, making Matrox the first company to offer add-on graphics cards for the microcomputer market.

In the 1980s, the company designed and manufactured a vast range of graphics products for a variety of computer bus standards. Matrox was also involved in manufacturing of microcomputers (such as the CCB-7 MACS and the MAP-2000 Super Microcomputer). Through the 1990s, Matrox offered several lines of high quality graphics products (e.g. the Millennium graphics cards) and begun to shift its focus on specialized markets.

Currently, according to the company, ``Matrox's three divisions - Matrox Graphics, Matrox Imaging and Matrox Video - provide an extensive array of real-world relevant OEM and end-user solutions to businesses and individuals across a diverse range of professional markets, including media and entertainment, finance, digital signage, medical imaging, manufacturing, factory automation, security, government, and enterprise computing.''

  • MTX-1632 Video RAM, 1977
  • ALT-256**2 graphics board, 1977
  • ALT-256-AS graphics board, 1979, with two paper tapes containing
    • MATROX 8080 Graphics Package, 1977
    • Graphics Package Demo, 1977
  • CCB-7 MACS computer, 197?
  • MEGA 1/64 board, 1979
  • Alpha graphics board, 1980
  • BW-Alpha video board, 1982
  • SX-900 board, 1985
  • MIP 512 image processing board, 1985
  • PIP-512 PC frame grabber, 1985
  • PIP-640B, 1987
  • Matrox Light Pen, 1989
  • MIL2P/4/HP video card, 1997
  • G2+/MILA/8BC/5 card, 1998
  • PG-641 PC board, 1991
  • MTX-1632 Video RAM, 1977
  • ALT-256**2 graphics board -- complete technical documentation, 1977
  • ALT-2480 Altair-IMSAI Bus Compatible Alphanumeric Display Interface, 1978(?)
  • MTX-256 Application Note, April 1977
  • MLSI-512 -- the MTX-512 graphics family, Feb., 1978
  • MTX-512 -- graphics family of cards, 1978
  • MTX-A1 display and keyboard interface, 1978
  • MLSI-2480 video interface, 1979
  • SX-900/LX-900 User Manual, August 1985
  • PIP: Professional Image Processing for the IBM-PC, 1985(?)
  • MAP-2000 Super Microcomputer, 1986
  • CP-2000 Multibus CPU, 1986
  • MB-2000 2MB board, 1986
  • FP-2000 Multibus CPU, 1986
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  • MIP-512 Real-Time Image Processor, 1985
  • MATROX product catalogue, 2003
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