S. Magierowski, EECS York University, Toronto, Canada
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EECS 3201 Digital Logic Design F13
logic circuits, finite-state machines, Verilog.

EECS 3213 Communication Networks W13/W14/F14
Basics of segment, packet, frame, and bit movement through networks of computers. From http to Shannon's theorem.

EECS 4201/5501 Computer Architecture F19/F20/F21/F22/W24
ISAs, cache, virtual memory, ILP, scheduling, speculation, prediction, multiple-issue, multi-threading, vector, GPU, multiprocessing.

EECS 4214 Digital Communications F14/F15/F16
bits, symbols, noise, channels, filters, detectors, coders, synchronizers.

EECS 4215 Mobile Communications W14/W17
antennas, radiation, wireless channel models, digital transceivers, cellular network architecture, modulation, multiple-access, dynamic access, data link protocols.

EECS 4612/5612 Digital VLSI W16/W17/W19/W21/W23/W24
VLSI using Cadence/Synopsys tools. From circuits to HDLs.

EECS 6505 Physical and Systems Design Issues in ASICs W15/F19/F23
Custom ASIC Design.

ENEL 361 Semiconductor Devices and Materials
From Fermi-Dirac statistics to MOS transistors.

ENEL 341 Circuits I
conservation of charge, conservation of energy, nodal/mesh analysis, phasors, power transfer, three-phase systems.

ENEL 519.11 VLSI Chip Design
How important parts of VLSI work and how to bring them together to build a computer chip.

ENEL 619.47 IC Systems Engineering
CMOS integrated circuit and system design for high-speed wireline systems.

S. Magierowski, EECS York University, Toronto, Canada