Suprakash Datta's Research page

Research Interests

Communication Networks

My research interests center around the mathematical modeling of networks, and include routing, topologies and algorithms.

Algorithmic problems in Bioinformatics

I have started working in this area almost a year ago. Most of the work done so far has been in Genomic Signal Processing.

Past student collaborators

  1. M.Sc. students: Sahib Aulakh (leave of absence), H aoyuan Wang (with Professor Asif) - graduated.
  2. 4080 projects: Hui Wang, Kashif Ali, Vijay Dheap, Bahman Eksiri, Maryah Safi (with Prof Asif)

Current student collaborators

  1. M.Sc. students: Frank Tan, Bahman Eksiri, Hui Wang (with Prof Jenkin), Masoomeh Rudafshani, Kashif Ali (with Prof Aboelaze).
  2. 4080 projects: Chris Klinowski

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