Algorithmic problems in Bioinformatics

There has been a tremendous thrust in Bioinformatics research over the last decade. Being a relatively new discipline, Bioinformatics offers a plethora of challenging problems. I list below problems that we have started work on. Although the work done so far involved Signal Processing techniques, I am very interested in the application of traditional algorithmic techniques in this area.



[Syeda] Tanveer Syeda-Mahmood. Clustering Time-varying Gene Expresssion Profiles Using Scale-space Signals. Proceedings of the Computational Systems Bioinformatics (CSB), 2003.

Note: I am often asked about how much Biology and Chemistry students need to know to do a project in this area. For 4080 students, I will (most likely) learn the Biological aspects and allow the student to focus on only the computational aspects (of course a student is welcome to learn the Biological aspects). M.Sc. students working in this area do need to know a little bit more, but that can be picked up by self-study. There are no graduate courses suitable for such students but we are working towards designing one.

Resources (for York students):

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