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Campaign for Audiovisual Free Expression

The message that precedes all others -- in art as well as life -- is simple:
        pay attention
              [Harlan Ellison, intro to slippage, 1997]

i used to work at sun microsystems as a software engineer. my old blog brainstorms.
for now, i blog at brainstorms [next bit].

a web page is always under construction. here is whatsnew.

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commodity, firmness, delight.

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public source (some of my minor public-domain software pieces)

Some of my images Comics adopted public source

Some useful bits of software I have tinkered with. If they are here, they are public domain. Sorry, no certification marks or other artifical sweeteners. public source, as "open" as it gets.

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These pages are gratefully adopted from Unklbil (Bill Briggs, CWO-2 USN (retired)).


links to some of my family, friends and teachers.

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ozan's unnumbered rule:
anyone who teaches and practices in a field still in its infancy
has an informally specified, ad-hoc and bug-ridden collection of rules
that often amuse but rarely enlighten.
              [see greenspun's tenth rule for an example]

useful advice

Almost as much time can be wasted reading web pages as constructing them. Get back to work!


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