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Varian 9824, F386SX-33, Toronto Microelectronics Inc., 1992
Toronto MicroElectronics Inc. (TME) was founded in 1986 in Toronto and incorporated in 1988. TME is one of the best known manufactures of industrial single board computers. The company is also involved in the design and manufacturing of small and more embeddable CPU cards for space critical applications. "TME products are in use around the world in such applications as flight simulators, medical test equipment, data acquisition systems, shop floor control, ruggedized military systems, high-end portable workstations, and telecommunications switching equipment to name a few." [TME]
ATI Wonder Mach32 graphics card, 1994
ATI Technologies Inc. was founded in 1985 in Markham, Ontario. The company has since grown into one of the world's largest suppliers of 3D graphics and multimedia technology for the desktop and notebook platforms, workstation, set-top box, game console and handheld markets.
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