We appreciate your support of YUCoM's efforts to preserve and showcase Canada's information technology heritage. We will gladly accept your donation and acknowledge the importance of your contribution.

Please do contact YUCoM when you have an object to donate. The museum's main focus is on corporate documents and records, software, technical manuals and promotional literature, phgotographs, magazines and newsletters. We also accept hardware: computers (including their peripherals and components), calculators, smartphones and other communication devices.

If you are considering making a donation, please contact YUCoM via e-mail. The curator will determine whether the offered object is required for the museum's collection. Information such as: the name or title, the model and the serial number, the manufacturer or publisher, the purpose of use and ownership history, are of great help to assist the curator in his/her assessment of the significance of the donation to the YUCOM's collection. In the event when the offered object is either already represented in the museum's collection, is not appropriate for the collection, or cannot be properly cared for, the curator may suggest other Canadian museums or institutions that might benefit from your donation.

When YUCoM is interested in your donation the curator seeks the approval from the Acquisition Committee. Upon the approval, the arrangements are made to transfer the ownership of the object to York University without receiving any payment or other benefit. Such a transfer of ownership is formalized by completing and signing a gift agreement.

Upon the completion of the transfer of the ownership of the donated object, the artifact becomes the property of York University that YUCoM will preserve, maintain, administer, and which the museum may display, loan, or otherwise deal with in such a manner as YUCoM may deem to be in its best interest. The Acquisition Committee must approve any decision to remove an object from YUCoM's collection.

When YUCoM exhibits your donated object your donation will be acknowledged in accordance with the standard policies and practices adopted by other Canadian museums.

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