John K. Tsotsos     PhD FRSC

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York University, Lassonde School of Engineering

    Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

       Distinguished Research Professor of Vision Science

       Canada Research Chair in Computational Vision   

    Centre for Innovation in Computing @ Lassonde


    Centre for Vision Research                                                                               

        Member (Director 2000-2006)


University of Toronto                                                                                             

    Dept. of Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences

       Adjunct Professor

    Dept. of Computer Science

       Adjunct Professor                                                     


Palomino System Innovations, Inc.,Toronto




My research currently has three main themes:

visual attention in humans and computer systems;

computer vision; and, visually-guided mobile robotics.

A new lab/research overview can be seen here.

Additional detail and more project information

can be found on my lab pages, the

Laboratory for Active and Attentive Vision.

The terrific people who have graduated from my lab

are all listed on the Lab Alumni page.

Research details follow and I encourage

you to explore.

Visual Attention:

  1. Computational Foundations                   

  2. The Selective Tuning Model of Visual Attention

  3. - Examples of ST in Action

  4. - How ST Differs from other models

  5. - ST’s  Predictions for Human Vision

  6. - ST and Overt Attention

  7. - ST and Saliency

  8. - Attention, Binding and Recognition

  9. - Human Experimental Studies on Attention                 

  10. - A Tutorial on Computational Modeling of

                    Visual Attention

  1. Active Vision            

  2. - Active Object Recognition

  3. - Active Visual Search

  4. - Active Robotic Binocular Camera Systems

Computer Vision:           

A wide variety of additional  topics have been addressed during the years (colour, shape, stereo vision).  Visual motion analysis has also long been a major topic of interest:

  1. Motion Understanding

  2. Early Motion, Tracking and Analysis

  3. Attention to Visual Motion

  4. Human Experimental Studies on Motion Perception

I also enjoy working on applications, seeing research achieve practical use. We have worked on ECG Arrhythmia Detection, Pediatric Ventricular MRI, Cephalogram Landmarks, and Left Ventricular Dynamics from X-Ray Image Sequences, and Surveillance applications.

Visually-Guided Mobile Robotics:

We have worked on two large projects. The first one is complete - Robots for Hazardous Environments. The second is currently active -  Autonomous Wheelchairs  for the mobility impaired.

Although our papers are cited on most of the pages, the only place where you can download copies is on the Publications pages.

Some of my online lectures can be seen at these locations:

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