Publications - 2004


Each item is  coded by one or more of the following topic indicators:   

  Computer Vision
  Object/Motion Recognition
  Active Vision/Binocular robotic heads
Computational Neuroscience
  Computational Complexity of Vision and Behaviour
  Human Experimental Studies of motion perception, attention and behavior
  Mobile Robotics
  Artificial Intelligence
  Applications in Medicine
  Assistive Technology for the Mobility Impaired

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CS-2004-02. Konstantinos G. Derpanis, Richard P. Wildes and John K. Tsotsos. Vision Based Gesture Recognition within a Linguistics Framework.

CS-2004-08. Alexander Andreopoulos and John K. Tsotsos. Optimization of 3-D Active Appearance Models Using the Inverse Compositional Approach: Applications to Cardiac MRI Segmentation.

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