Current Mission

A short story

I am a PhD candidate at York University, my supervisor is professor John K. Tsotsos.

My research interests include:

   . Visual Attention

   . Computer Vision

   . Image & Video Compression

I am from China, a country has a history and civilization of more than 5000 years. I received my Master degree from BUAA in China in 2006, my previous research area is computer graphic and my advisor is associate professor Aimin Hao.

I performed my industry internship in 2009 at Research In Motion, where I published a bundle of FIVE patents in North America and European, as well as one ICIP paper.

For more info, refer to my CV.

Other Interests


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Academic Research

  1. CIHR training grant 2008~2009.

  2. International Student Scholarship: 2006~2009.

  3. Xun Shi, Xiang Yu and Da-ke He, “Rate-distortion Optimal Downsampling of H.264 Compressed Video Using Full-resolution Information.”, Proceeding of ICIP 2010.

  4. Xun Shi, “Towards a Comprehensive Computational Model of Visual Attention.”, Qualifying Exam, Jan 2010, York University, Canada.


A dream about to graduate as a PhD student with thousands of possibilities.

Industrial Work

  1. Internship at Research In Motion, 2009/01~2009/06, Waterloo, Canada.

  2. H.264 Transcoding (FIVE North American/European patents as first Author)

  3. Internship at Microsoft Research Asia, 2005/11~2006/04, Beijing, China.

  4. Photoshop plug-in: Lazy Snap (an Image Segmentation)

Xun Shi   (史逊)

Contact info:


    CSEB 3002 - 4700 Keele St.

    Toronto, ON, Canada

    M3J 1P3

Email: shixun at

Towards mission:

  1. Lab and Research

  2. Course

  3. Teaching Assistant

  4. Industrial Practice

  5. Lab of Active and Attentive Vision