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An intelligent visually-guided robot

Department of Computer Science & Engineering, York University


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May 25 2007: Ian P. Howard Lecture, Takeo Kanade, Carnegie Mellon University

Title: A Large Scale Tracking Problem: Tracking Migrating and Proliferating Cells in Phase-Contrast Microscopy Imagery

PlayBot is a visually guided robotic wheelchair for children living with mobility impairments. The goal of the project is to build a robotic wheelchair, which uses vision as its main sensor, that will help improve the quality of life of children with motor disabilities, by allowing them to be more independent.

Currently in its second phase, we have begun implementing the system on a robotic wheelchair.

Latest News:

September 12 2007: The publications section has been updated

December 21 2007: New videos uploaded. A demo of  Playbot localizing a door, moving to the door, using the grasper to turn the door handle and open the door, and then moving into the next room (high resolution  /  low resolution )

June  2008: New paper: Active Vision for Door Localization and Door Opening Using Playbot: A Computer Controlled Wheelchair for People with Mobility Impairments. Alexander Andreopoulos and John K. Tsotsos

(Best Robotics Paper Award at CRV2008)

March 27 2009: Ian P. Howard Lecture, by Olivier Faugeras, INRIA Sophia-Antipolis

Title: Connecting Scales: Mathematics and Neuroscience

July 1 2009: The publications section has been updated