Professor of Computer Science

   York University

    Dept. of  Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

    Room LAS 3012

    4700 Keele Street,

    Toronto, Ontario, M3J 1P3, Canada

    Email: pfal at cse dot yorku dot ca


    Tel:  +1 416-736-2100 extension 40630

    Fax: +1 416-736-5872

Co-Director: Graphics and Media at York Lab


LE/EECS 4431/5331 Advanced 3D Graphics

LE/EECS 4700 Digital Media Project

Recent Conference and Editorial Service

  1.     Program co-Chair, MIG 2011.

  2.     Guest Editor, Journal of Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds, special Issue on Crowds.

  3.     Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds

  4.     Associate Editor, The Visual Computer.

Research Interests

  1. Computer graphics.

  2. Autonomous agents for computer games and virtual world applications.

  3. Motion Control.

  4. Facial Animation.

  5. Interactive graphics and games on mobile devices.

  6. Micro-processor architectures for accelerating virtual world applications.

  7. Real-time photorealistic rendering.

  8. Medical robotics and visualization.


Petros Faloutsos, Ph.D.




Selected Projects

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Crowd Simulation

Surgical Robotics