Interactive Systems Research Group (ISRG) @ York University

The Interactive Systems Research Group (ISRG) concentrates on research in Human-Computer Interaction and Multimodal Communication. The following faculty members are part of the ISRG: The following graduate students are currently part of the ISRG:
  • Steven Castellucci
  • Loutfouz Zaman
  • Arindam Das
  • Navid Mohaghegh
  • Thomas Young
  • Michelle Brown
  • Junwei Sun
  • Domokos Papoi
  • Paul Bergmanis
  • Andriy Pavlovych (postdoc)

    The Interactive Systems Resarch Group is located in the Interactive Systems Research Laboratory (ISRLab) in the Lassonde Building LAS20011, the former Computer Science & Engineering Building. The inhabitants of the lab can be reached via (416)736-2100 ext. 20161. Information about research activities within the ISRG is available via the WWW pages of its members, see the links above. Hardware available in the lab includes:

    Furthermore, and mainly depending on the research topic, students may have access to various other labs. E.g. faculty members can arrange for access to several other Virtual Reality labs, such as a 6-sided CAVE or motion platform.
    The work in the lab has been sponsored by many different companies, including AMD and Autodesk.