HY590 "Biomimetic Robotics" (York credit for CSE4421 3.0)

Summer 2006 (Heraclion)
Course Director: D. Tsakiris.


This course will consider the mechanical behavior and the motion control of complex robotic systems inspired from biology. Examples of such systems are robotic systems emulatingthe reptile undulatory locomotion, and robotic systems inspired by the visual motion-based insect flight control system.
The course will draw on studies from computational neuroethology and the computational neurosciences, in order to address topics related to biomimetic robot locomotion and control, in particular:

Prerequisites: A  CSE gpa of at least 4.5; MATH1025 3.0; MATH1300 3.0; MATH1310 3.0; CSE2011 3.0; CSE2031 3.0. Recommended:  Familiarity with Matlab.

The evaluation is expected to consist of homework assignments (15%), a project (35%) and a final exam (50%).

The projects may be computational (simulations, using Matlab, or Maple, etc.) and/or small scale contructions of robots using Legos.
York students may also be interested and get involved in design projects with the Pioneer and RWI mobile robots of CVRL (see http://www.ics.forth.gr/cvrl/robots.html).


Other references will be provided by the instructor as web or hard copies. E.g.,