COSC 6490A 3.0 Concurrent Object Oriented Languages

Winter 2003

Students and instructor

Dave, Javier, Ali, Franck, Erick, Andrei

Brief overview

In this course, we focus on concurrent programming in the object oriented language Java. The course consists of three parts. In the first part, we discuss concurrent programming in general. In the second part, we concentrate on writing concurrent programs in Java. In the third and final part, we look at techniques and tools to verify concurrent Java programs.

General information

Time: Monday and Wednesday, 10:00-11:30
Place: Stong College 220
Instructor: Franck van Breugel
Office hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 14:30-15:25 or by appointment
Office: CSE 3046

Reference material

Material will be provided to the students. Class notes will be crucial.


The performance of the students will be evaluated as a combination of three assignments (60%), three presentations (15%) and a paper (25%). The conversion from percentages to letter grades is described here. Below we provide some details.


There will be three assignments.
  1. hand out January 11; due January 27; Assignment 1
  2. hand out January 27; due February 19; Assignment 2
  3. hand out March 9; due March 28; Assignment 3
The objective of the first assignment is to find a nontrivial concurrent algorithm in the literature. In the second assignment, the aim is the implementation of the concurrent algorithm presented in the first assignment in Java. The focus of the third assignment is to apply some techniques or tools to verify the concurrent Java program of the second assignment.


There will be three presentations. The presentations will be scheduled around the due dates of the assignments. In 10 minutes, the student has to present his or her assignment.


The paper has to be based on the three assignments. The paper is due on April 28.


The suggested reading material and additional material can be found by clicking on the corresponding date on the calendar below.