Deadlock detection in distributed database system: A new algorithm and comparative performance analysis


A new algorithm to detect deadlock in distributed database systems is presented which based on dynamically creating Deadlock Detection Agents each being responsible for detecting deadlock in one component of the global Wait-For-Graph. The DDA scheme is a self tuning system: after an warm-up phase, dedicated DDAs will be formed for centers of locality, i.e., parts of the system where many conflicts occur. A dynamic shift in locality of the system will be responsed to by automatically created new DDAs while absolete ones terminate.


Natalija Krivokapic, Alfons Kemper and Ehud Gudes. Deadlock Detection in Distributed Databases: A New Algorithm and a Comparative Performance Evaluation. The VLDB Journal, 8(2): 79-100, October 1999.

Additional reading material

Material on deadlock detection, Java Remote Method Invocation and COBRA.

Implementation details

I will implement the new algorithm proposed by the authors which detects deadlocks in distributed database system by dynamically created DDAs using Java programming language. If time permits, I will introduce RMI into the implementation.