Reading material

Pages i - 2-6 of Linda User's Guide & Reference Manual
Pages 230-233 of Threads Library Functions

Additional material

Package EDU.oswego.cs.dl.util.concurrent including the class Semaphore


Consider the following Linda-C code.
int get()
    int data
    in("buffer", ?data); /* get data from buffer */
    return data;

void put(int data)
    out("buffer", data); /* put data in buffer */

This is a first attempt to implement a bounded fifo buffer which contains integers as data. The elements stored in the buffer are kept as tuples of the form ("buffer", data) in the tuple space, where data is the integer stored in the buffer. Note that in("buffer", ?data) blocks if the buffer is empty. The above code fragment implements a buffer which is unbounded and which is not necessarily fifo. Improve the above attempt.