COSC 5910 Software Foundations

Winter 2002


Brief overview

This course introduces object-oriented programming and the basic principles of software development to non-CS students already familiar with programming. Web technologies for the collection and dissemination of knowledge will be introduced and studied.

General information

Time: Tuesday, 19:00-22:00
Place: CCB 129
Instructor: Franck van Breugel
Office hours: Tuesday, 17:30-18:45, Thursday 15:00-17:00 or by appointment
Office: CSB 3046
Prerequisites: a course in programming
Note: this course cannot be used to satisfy the course requirements of a Computer Science MSc or PhD program

Reference material

The textbook for the course is


The student's performance in the course will be evaluated as a combination of a test (20%) and four assignments (80%). More details are given below. There will be no supplemental examination for the course. Neither will students have the option of doing additional work to upgrade their mark.


There will be four assignments. Each is worth 20%. The assignments are given out on
  1. January 22,
  2. February 5,
  3. March 5 and
  4. March 26.
No late assignments will be accepted. If a student cannot hand in the assignment in time for reasons beyond his/her control, the student should bring a documented note to the instructor. If accepted, the weight will be prorated towards the test. Examples of assignment questions used last year can be found here.


The test will be held on Tuesday April 9, 19:00-20:00 in CCB 115.


The suggested reading material and additional material can be found by clicking on the corresponding date on the calendar below.