COSC 2011 3.0 Fundamentals of Data Structures

Winter 2001

Section M


Brief overview

The design and analysis of data structures is a key subject in computer science. This course will focus on some fundamental data structures, including lists, trees and graphs. JavaTM will be used as the implementation language.

General information

Time: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 15:30-16:30
Place: SLH E
Instructor: Franck van Breugel
Office hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 16:30-17:30 or by appointment
Office: CCB 348
Prerequisites: general prerequisites

Reference material

The textbook for the course is As an alternative, can be used. Both books are on reserve in the Steacie library. Errata for the first edition can be found here and here. The following books are suggested for further reading. Note that "The Java Tutorial" is available online (click on the title). "Data Structures and Algorithms" is on reserve in the Steacie library.


The student's performance in the course will be evaluated as a combination of a final exam (50%), a midterm (30%) and assignments (20%). More details are given below. There will be no supplemental examination for the course. Neither will students have the option of doing additional work to upgrade their mark.


There will be two assignments. These assignments are given out on
  1. March 14 and
  2. April 11.
The assignments should be handed in within two weeks. No late assignments will be accepted. If a student cannot hand in the assignment in time for reasons beyond his/her control, the student should bring a documented note to the instructor. If accepted, the weight of the other assignment will be prorated accordingly. The assignments will be returned within two weeks after the due date. Each assignment is worth 10%.


The midterm will be held on April 6. The midterm will be written in class. If a student does not write the midterm, the weight of the final exam will be prorated accordingly. However, if a student wishes to receive the feedback from the missed midterm, arrangements will be made for the student to write the midterm which will be marked. The mark will not contribute to the student's final grade.

Final exam

The final exam will be held in the examination period. It will be a three hour exam.


The suggested reading material and additional material can be found by clicking on the corresponding date on the calendar below.

Course outline in PostScript and PDF