Mid term

Time: Monday October 25, 12:30-13:20
Place: CCB 122

The mid term will be about all the material we have studied up to and including Monday October 18: Chapter 2, 3 and 4 of the textbook excluding Section 3.11-3.13 (pages 90-97), sections on sorting and polynomial arithmetic (pages 108-121), Section 4.4 (pages 130-134), section on exceptions (pages 134-141) and sections on tree-based data structures and a tautology checker (pages 148-170). The additional material available on the course webpage and discussed in class are also part of the material for the test.

The test is a closed book test. No aids are permitted. Manage your time carefully. The last page of the test can be used as scrap paper. Tests written in pencil will not be considered for remarking. Do not leave during the last 10 minutes and stay seated until all tests have been collected.