Assignment 6

The sixth assignment has to be handed in before December 3. Students should put their name, student number and Ariel login name on their assignment. There is an assignment box for this course on the first floor of CCB. A print out of the class should be handed in (no documentation is required) and the class should be submitted electronically. Use as the filename of the Java program. On Ariel, type
submit 2011 a6
to submit the program. If the file is successfully submitted a message like
All files successfully submitted.
is printed. For more details, see the manual page of submit. Programs that do not compile or run on Ariel are awarded an F.

The sixth assignment can be found here.

The office hours of the teaching assistant can be found here.

Reading material

Chapter 7 from Section 7.1.1 up to Section 7.3.1

Additional material