Chris's Touque Pattern
Christopher Thomas

By popular request, here is the pattern I use when knitting touques. Touques I've made are described here.

I use no. 8 needles (5 mm), and worsted weight yarn. A touque uses a bit less than one ball (say 70-80 grams) of yarn for the background colour (if knit as a single solid colour).

Most of my hats start at 100 stitches per row. To get a tailored hat, measure around the wearer's head, in inches. Multiply by 4 to get the number of stitches per row for a hat that has to stretch, or by 5 for a looser hat.

Make the brim. This will be reversed, so you're knitting from top to bottom when making the coloured patterns: Make the backing for the brim. The brim gets reversed, so you're changing sides. That's why it's 21 rows instead of 20: Make the second row of patterns. Remember that you've changed sides! You're knitting from bottom to top when making the coloured patterns: Make the third row of patterns. Decrease 2 stitches per row: Make the crown of the hat. Decrease as indicated: When making the decreases, be sure to distribute them evenly around the hat. Stagger them between rows, if possible. If they're all made in the same places, the garter stitch bands are pulled into "V" patterns.

Fold the brim up, and sew it to its backing. Take care to line up the top of the brim with the start of the stockingette stitch area in the body of the hat. I usually sew at the top edge of the brim, and at the top of the bottom section of garter stitch (to keep the brim folded cleanly).

Assemble the hat inside-out, and sew the vertical edges together.

Make a pom-pom, and sew it to the top of the hat: Without any colour changes, this gives you a subdued but still rather nice hat. I usually make bands of colour in the garter stitch areas (changing at the end of the rows), and Fair Isle patterns in the stockingette areas (changing within each row in a carefully planned pattern).


Last updated on 24 December 2008.