Recent and Current Teaching Assistant Experience

EECS4421 Robotics, Winter 2014, 2016
Math/EECS1028 Discrete Math for Engineers, Winter 2015-2016
CSE3000 Professional Practice in Computing, Fall 2011-2013, 2015
EECS2001 Introduction to the Theory of Computation, Fall 2014-2015
EECS3101 Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Winter 2012, Fall 2014
EECS3311 Software Design, Summer 2014
CSE1030: Introduction to Computer Science II, Winter 2012-2013
CSE1520: Computer Use: Fundamentals, Winter 2011
CSE1530: Computer Use: Programming, Fall 2010

Certification and Training

Teaching Assistant Certificate in Teaching (TACT) ,
    Completed Winter 2015 at York University