Recent and Current Teaching Assistant Experience

MATH1090 Introduction to Logic for Computer Science, Fall 2017
EECS4101 Advanced Data Structures, Winter 2017
EECS4115 Computational Complexity, Winter 2017
EECS3000 Professional Practice in Computing, Fall 2011-2013, 2015-2016
EECS1520: Computer Use: Fundamentals, Winter 2011, Fall 2016
EECS4421 Robotics, Winter 2014, 2016
Math/EECS1028 Discrete Math for Engineers, Winter 2015-2016
EECS2001 Introduction to the Theory of Computation, Fall 2014-2015
EECS3101 Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Winter 2012, Fall 2014
EECS3311 Software Design, Summer 2014
CSE1030: Introduction to Computer Science II, Winter 2012-2013
CSE1530: Computer Use: Programming, Fall 2010

Certification and Training

Teaching Assistant Certificate in Teaching (TACT) ,
    Completed Winter 2015 at York University