Room 3054
Lassonde School of Engineering
York University
Toronto, ON, Canada M3J1P3
(416) 736-2100
ext. 33972

I received my B.Eng. degree in Computer Systems Engineering and B.A. in Business Management at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 2010. I have completed my M.A.Sc. degree in Computer Engineering under the supervision of Prof. John K. Tsostsos at York University in 2015. The topic of my masters' thesis was on autonomous visual search in unknown 3D environments using mobile robots.

I am currently working towards the Ph.D. degree in Computer Science at the Laboratory for Active and Attentive Vision, under the supervision of Prof. John K. Tsotsos. My main research interest is visual perception and reasoning in the context of autonomous driving. In particular, I am interested in incorporating visual attention in scene understanding and predicting the intention of road users in driving scenarios.

My research objective is to make autonomous driving systems more human-like and sociable. To achieve this my focus is on understanding how humans perform various tasks, such as interacting in traffic scenes, and mimic those behaviors in artificial driving systems. My other research interests include active visual object search in 3D environments, assistive robotics for the elderly and infirm, object detection, recognition, tracking, and visual attention.