EECS 6114: Computational Geometry
Lecture Slides
(these are power-point files)

[Slide   1]   Overview, Geometric Preliminaries, Simple Polygons

[Slide   2]   2D Convex Hull: Static & Dynamic  
[Slide   3]   Line Segments Intersections, Planar Subdivision, Thematic Map Overlay
[Slide   4]   Polygon Triangulation: guarding an art gallery  
[Slide   5]   Linear Programming  
[Slide   6]   Orthogonal Range Searching: querying a data base
[Slide   7]   Point Location in a Planar Subdivision: knowing where you are on the map
[Slide   8]   Arrangements & Geometric Duality:  super sampling in ray shooting      
[Slide   9]   Voronoi Diagram & Delaunay Triangulation: the nearest post office problem   
[Slide 10]   More Geometric Data Structures: windowing   
[Slide 11]   Convex Hull in 3 & Higher Dimensions   
[Slide 12]   Binary Space Partition:  painter's algorithm  
[Slide 13]   Quad Trees:  non-uniform mesh generation