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Andriy Pavlovych

Thesis supervisor: Wolfgang Stuerzlinger


Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
York University, LAS 2015, 4700 Keele Street
Toronto, Ontario, M3J 1P3, Canada
E-mailemail address
WWW page: https://www.eecs.yorku.ca/~andriyp

Some Personal Information
Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests 

Human factors in HCI, virtual reality, interactive tabletops, laser pointer input, networking, text input on mobile devices, and high dynamic range (HDR) image displays.


COSC 4431 Computer Graphics (Fall 2004)
CSE 3214 3.0M Computer Network Protocols and Applications (Winter 2009)
CSE 3213 3.0M Communication Networks (Winter 2011)
CSE 4471 3.0M Introduction to Virtual Reality (Winter 2013)
CSE 1030: Introduction to Computer Science II (Summer 2014)
EECS 4215: Mobile Communications (Winter 2015)
EECS 2011 3.0A Fundamentals of Data Structures (Summer 2017)
EECS 3213 3.0A Communication Networks (Summer 2017)
EECS 2011 3.0N Fundamentals of Data Structures (Winter 2019)
EECS 1012: Introduction to Computing: A Net-centric Approach (S2019, F2019, S2020, F2020)
EECS 1022: Programming for Mobile Computing (W2020)
EECS 3461: User Interfaces (F2014, S2019, F2019, S2021)
EECS 4441: Human-Computer Interaction (F2021)
ITEC 1010: Information and Organizations (S2022)
ITEC 3210: Applied Data Communications and Networks (FW2021-22, F2022)
EECS 1520: Computer Use: Fundamentals (FW2018-19, FW2019-20, FW2020-21, FW2021-22, F2022)
EECS 2011: Fundamentals of Data Structures (F2020, W2021, S2021, W2022, S2022)
EECS 2030: Advanced Object Oriented Programming (S2020, S2022, F2022)


Publications in Refereed Conference Proceedings

R. Teather, W. Stuerzlinger, A. Pavlovych (2014). Fishtank fitts: a desktop VR testbed for evaluating 3D pointing techniques. In CHI'14 Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 519-522.
S. Castellucci, R. Teather, A. Pavlovych (2013). Novel metrics for 3D remote pointing. In Proceedings of the 1st symposium on Spatial user interaction (SUI '13), 17-20.
S. Sutcliffe, Z. Ivkovic, D. Flatla, A. Pavlovych, I. Stavness, C. Gutwin (2013), Improving Digital Handoff Using the Space Above the Table. CHI 2013: Proceedings of the 31st international conference on Human factors in computing systems, Paris, France. 735-744.
A. Doucette, R. Mandryk, C. Gutwin, M. Nacenta, A. Pavlovych (2013), The Effects of Tactile Feedback and Movement Alteration on Interaction and Awareness with Digital Embodiments. CHI 2013: Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Paris, France. 1891-1900. Best paper honourable mention.
A. Pavlovych, C. Gutwin (2012), Assessing Target Acquisition and Tracking Performance for Moving Targets in the Presence of Latency and Jitter, Graphics Interface 2012, 109-116. PDF 282 KB
A. Pavlovych, W. Stuerzlinger (2011), Target Following Performance in the Presence of Latency, Jitter, and Signal Dropouts, Graphics Interface 2011, 33-40. PDF 762 KB
A. Pavlovych, W. Stuerzlinger (2009), The Tradeoff between Spatial Jitter and Latency in Pointing Tasks, In Proceedings of the 1st ACM SIGCHI Symposium on Engineering interactive Computing Systems, (Pittsburgh, PA, USA, July 15 - 17, 2009). EICS '09. ACM, New York, NY, 187-196. PDF 147 KB
R. Teather, A. Pavlovych, W. Stuerzlinger, S. MacKenzie (2009), Effects of tracking technology, latency, and spatial jitter on object movement, IEEE Symposium on 3D User Interfaces, IBSN 978-142443965-2, 43-50, Mar. 2009. PDF 845 KB
A. Pavlovych, W. Stuerzlinger (2008), Effect of Screen Configuration and Interaction Devices in Shared Display Groupware, ACM Multimedia Workshop on Human Centered Computing 2008, Oct. 2008. PDF 317 KB
W. Stuerzlinger, L. Zaman, A. Pavlovych, J.-Y. Oh (2006), The Design and Realization of CoViD, A System for Collaborative Virtual 3D Design, Virtual Reality, ISSN 1359-4338, 10(2), 135-147, Oct 2006. Draft PDF
A. Pavlovych, W. Stuerzlinger (2005). A High-Dynamic Range Projection System, Photonic Applications in Biosensing and Imaging, Eds. Warren C. W. Chan, Kui Yu, Ulrich J. Krull, Richard I. Hornsey, Brian C. Wilson, Proceedings of SPIE Vol. 5969. PDF 574 KB
A. Pavlovych, W. Stuerzlinger (2005). An Analysis of Novice Text Entry Performance on Large Interactive Wall Surfaces, HCI International 2005, Ed. G. Salvendy, Lawrence Erlbaum, ISBN 0-8058-5807-5, CD-ROM. PDF 400 KB
A. Pavlovych, W. Stuerzlinger (2004). Laser Pointers as Interaction Devices for Collaborative Pervasive Computing, Advances in Pervasive Computing, Eds. Ferscha, Hoertner, Kotsis, OCG, ISBN 385403176-9, 315-320. PDF 122 KB
A. Pavlovych, W. Stuerzlinger (2004). Model for non-Expert Text Entry Speed on 12-Button Phone Keypads, Proceedings of the 2004 conference on Human factors in computing systems – CHI 2004, 351-358. PDF 111 KB
A. Pavlovych, W. Stuerzlinger (2003). Less-Tap: A Fast and Easy-to-learn Text Input Technique for Phones, Graphics Interface 2003, AK Peters, ISBN 156881207-8, 97-104. PDF 654 KB

Other Publications

W. Stuerzlinger, A. Pavlovych, D. Nywton, TIVS: Temporary Immersive Virtual Environment at Simon Fraser University: A Non-Permanent CAVE, Workshop on Everyday Virtual Reality: Rethinking Virtual Reality for Home and Office Environments (WEVR 2015) at IEEE VR 2015, 23-28, Mar. 2015. PDF Video
A. Pavlovych, D. Nywton, W. Stuerzlinger, TIVY: Temporary Immersive Virtual Environment at York: A Non-Permanent CAVE, GRAND 2014 conference, GRAND Experience demonstration, May 2014.
R. Teather, W. Stuerzlinger, A. Pavlovych, FishTank Fitts: A Desktop VR Testbed for Evaluating 3D Pointing Techniques, CHI 2014 Extended Abstracts, 519-522, May 2014.
A. Pavlovych, W. Stuerzlinger, Pursuit Tracking in Presence of Latency, Jitter, and Dropouts, Poster at GRAND NCE conference, May 2011.
A. Pavlovych, W. Stuerzlinger, Effects of Latency Jitter and Dropouts in Pointing Tasks, Poster at Graphics Interface 2010, May 2010. Also appeared as Poster at GRAND NCE conference, July 2010.
R. Teather, A. Pavlovych, W. Stuerzlinger, Effects of Tracking Technology, Latency, and Spatial Jitter on Object Movement, Poster at IEEE VR 2009, Feb. 2009.
A. Pavlovych, W. Stuerzlinger, Effect of Group Size and Interaction Devices in Co-Located Computer Supported Collaborative Work, Poster at Graphics Interface 2008, May 2008. PDF 218 KB Abstract: PDF 45 KB
A. Pavlovych, A. Vorozcovs, W. Stuerzlinger (2005). A Window Manager for High Dynamic Range Display Systems, Workshop on Emerging Display Technologies at IEEE VR 2005. PDF 262 KB
A. Pavlovych, W. Stuerzlinger (2003). Modeling non-Expert Text Entry Speed, Poster at UIST 2003. PDF (poster) 408 KB PDF (2page description) 22 KB
A. Pavlovych (2003). Text Entry on 12-Button Keypads: Techniques and Models. MSc Thesis. PDF 1.68 MB
A. Pavlovych (2001). Using Sound Localization in Robot’s navigation. Course Project. PDF 146 KB

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