ECCV 2008 Tutorial

Date: Sunday October 12th - Morning    Venue: Palais des Congres Parc Chanot, in Marseille.

Visual attention: biology, computational models, and applications

Instructors: John K. Tsotsos, Neil Bruce, Albert L. Rothenstein



Recent years have seen a renewed interest in the study of visual attention. This tutorial aims to present the state of the art in the computational modeling of visual attention. Starting from the biology of the primate visual system, we will show how various aspects of visual attention have been addressed in the computational modeling literature, and conclude with a more detailed discussion of a number of recent applications.

The half day tutorial covers a broad range of topics from the basics of primate visual function to applications of visual attention in computer vision. Most of the major paradigms and issues in selective attention research are discussed in a systematic way. The tutorial deals with the following topics:

The speakers


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