YUCoM Thanks its Donors

We thank our donors for their support of YUCoM:

Donations in 2008

Kaypro II computer with manuals.
gift of John Geeza

NABU PC with peripherals and documentation,
NABU promotional literature and NABU newsletters.

gift of Alexander G. M. Smith

K. Kosmic. apple-seed II: Peripheral Card Assembly Manual.
gift of Jack Rubin

A. Hodges, Alan Turing: The Enigma of Intelligence,
B. Arden, Digital Computing,
C.C. Gotlieb and J.N.P. Hume, High-Speed Data Processing,
AFIPS Conference Proceedings for years: 1959, 1966, 1968
ZILOG: Pioneering the Microworld, 1982/83 Data Book, Zilog,
Zilog Microprocessor Applications Reference Book, vol. 1, Zilog, 1981,
Music from Mathematics, LP, DECCA,
manuals for a variety of S-100 boards,
a selection of S-100 Micro Systems issues,
a selection of University of Waterloo technical reports and documents,

gift of Bill Kindree

VC-2100 User Manual,, Volker-Craig,
Volker-Craig VC-2100 terminal firmware

gift of D. Hugh Redelmeier

NABU PC with documentation, promotional brochures, NABU corporate documents, content guides,
SuperBrain computer and documentation

gift of Terry Shepard

NABU Network Guide.
gift of Rick Banks

gift of James De Carlo

Donations in 2007

Hyperion Magazine, Vol.1, nr. 1, Software Now!, Canada's Microcomputing Software Magazine (premiere issue), Oct. 1984.
gift of Robert S. Elliot

Two Bell Alex terminals.
gift of Durgapada Mohanto

Tandy/Radio Shack M100 computer with peripherals and documentation
gift of Michael J. Sidnell

Four Data General brochures,
J.W. Graham, Introduction to SPECTRE and FORTRAN, University of Waterloo, 1966,
P.W. Shantz, BASIC FORTRAN, A Programmer's Manual for the FARGO System, University of Waterloo,
P.W. Shantz, R.A. German, J.G. Mitchell, R.S.K. Shirley, and Z.R. Zarnke, WATFOR Documentation, preliminary edition, University of Waterloo, January 1966,
Microcomputer Products catalogue, DEC, 1982,
various vintage computer boards and cards including: Matrox and ATI video cards,
core memory plate and board,
single board computer, D.G.A. Electronics Ltd. (1981),
various vintage manuals of IBM computer and data processing systems,
Z80-CPU Technical Manual, Zilog (1977),
Nortel modem.

gift of William Kindree

Gandalf SAM 201 computer modem,
Decider computer with disk drives.

gift of reBOOT Canada

Commodore 64C computer with monitor and disk drive.
gift of Alan Bruce Maitland

Ken Iverson's course A Working Introduction to APL, IP Sharp Associates, 1981 (student and instructor sets, course slides).
gift of Soliton Inc.

R.C. Holt & J.N.P. Hume, Fundamentals of Structured Programming Using Fortran with SF/k and WATFIV-S, Reston Publishing Co. (Prentice-Hall, 1977).
gift of Gillian Clinton

TRS80 Model 1 computer with software and documentation.
gift of Len Didur

Sony Clie personal entertainment organizer,
Sharp HC-4500 Color handheld PC.

gift of Henry Dasko

Donations in 2006

Two Nortel XMS computers
gift of Bill Holman

Pied Piper computer with manuals
gift of Donna Denison

Bus Grabber, Model 150, Paratronics Inc,
Ryerson 6800 microcomputer,
Motorola 68000 development system

gift of Peter Hiscocks

Hyperion DOS(2.11) Guide, ver. 00,
Acoustic Cups for the Hyperion computer,
HyperRam memory module for the Hyperion computer,
Hyperaccess expansion card for the Hyperion computer

gift of Terence M Gordon

Hyperion computer with manuals and promo literature,
software published by Hyperion Users Group of Ottawa,
collection of vintage transistors and hard drives

gift of Ron Elliott

Heath microcomputer,
Bell Alex terminal,
Gandalf modem,
Dragon 32 computer,
Z81 computer and software

gift of ReBOOT Canada

Dynalogic DMS-8 microcomputer model 7042B,
Dynalogic diskdrive system, model 4002B

gift of Dan Cohow

There is a UNIVAC System to fit your business, UNIVAC promo brochure (1962),
IBM 407 Accounting Machine Reference Manual, IBM (1960),
IBM 402, 403, and 419 Accounting Machines, Manual of Operations, IBM (1963),
IBM 77 Collator, Manual of Operations , IBM (1961),
UNIVAC 90 columns punch cards,
UNIVAC computer tapes

gift of Jacques Tylbor

IBM Field Engineering Handbook for the System 360 Operating System (July 1971),
IBM System/370 Reference Summary (March 1974),
blank IBM key punch cards,
plastic IBM HIPO Template,
a paper pad of Assembler/360-370 coding forms

gift of Ralph Gould

Micom 2000 digital word processor with disk drives,
Micom 2001 Reference Manual,
Philips Gazette (the first edition),
various Philips promotional brochures and documents

gift of Lucia (Larose) Scrugham and Wenata Babkowski

uSOKIT 68 Microcomputer Manual (1982),
Electronic Age (Sep/Oct 1983),
various MICOM/PHILIPS promotional brochures,
Vis-a-vis, vol. 1, nr. 1 (1981),
The Philips Dispatch - special edition,
MICOM 2000 user manual (Dec. 27, 1977),
MICOM DATA SYSTEMS program and data diskettes for MICOM 2000

gift of Lawrence Walker

Various issues of computer magazines (including Interface, Programmers Journal, Dr. Dobb's Journal, Datamation, Personal Computing, Creative Computing, 68' Micro Journal, 80 Microcomputing, S-100 Microsystems)
gift of Bill Kindree

gift of Dawn R. Bazely

Agenda personal organizer
gift of Nicholas Dasko

Psion 3A personal organizer
gift of Daniel Cooper

Donations in 2005

Radio Shack TRS-80 model 1 microcomputer,
Commodore PET poster

gift of Anthony Scanga

BBC microcomputer with documentation and software,
Acorn Atom microcomputer with documentation and software

gift of Luigi Bianchi

TPUG Magazine (1984--1986),
The TORPET magazine (1983--1984)

gift of TPUG

MCM/70 microcomputer,
MCM/70 User's Guide,
The announcement of the MCM/70 -- original photograph (1973)

gift of Reg Rea

Dunfield 6809 microcomputer
gift of Dave Dunfield

IBM PC portable computer with documentation and software,
IBM PC color monitor,
IBM Hexadecimal Adder

gift of Ottokar Lang

Dragon 32 microcomputer,
TRS-80 pocket computer,
Gandalf modem,
MS-DOS 4.01,
various OS-9 operating system publications,
pdp-11 processor handbook

gift of Steve Papagiannis

MIL MOD80 boards and backplane,
various S-100 and Multibus computer boards,
Two dual 8" floppy disk drive modules,
Two IBM PC and XT compatible mother boards (by JLS Computers Inc.),
All ChargeCard, manufactured by ALL Computers,
various vintage computer books, magazines, promotional brochures, newsletters, manuals, and software

gift of William Kindree

Volker-Craig VC 303 terminal,
Nelma Persona computer,
MicroWat computer,
Multiflex S-100 computer,
binder with logs of various Remote CP/M BBS systems

gift of Dave Dunfield

DY-4 Challenger II network computer
gift of Arlen Michaels

Lexicon Icon I server,
two Cemcorp Icon 1 computers,
two Unisys Icon Network computers

gift of Mike Kenzie

DY-4 Product Catalogue (1987),
DY-4 Short Form Catalogue (1986),
DYalogue newsletter (May 1986-June 1987),
various DY-4 promotional brochures

gift of Dave Dunfield

IBM 5100 (with manuals),
IBM PC Convertible (with documentation),
vintage acoustic coupler/modem, ENA Datasystems

gift of Stan Marchand

The First Book of KIM, 1st edition
gift of Jim Butterfield

Two SBC6809 Lab~mate microcomputers
gift of Ryerson University

Ohio Scientific microcomputer, model 600
gift of Jim Koch

Donations in 2004

Nabu 4404 terminal,
gift of John Amanatides

Two portable Video Data Terminals, I.P. Sharp Associates Ltd.,
gift of Robert Bernecky

Power Mac 8500/120,
gift of Patrick Dymond

NCR paper tape cutting device, Honeywell manual tape punches,
gift of Bruce Fraser

Lampar 256 microcomputer,
gift of Anita Harms

Power Mac 6100/66,
gift of Andreas Konig

Volker-Craig terminal,
gift of Arlen Michaels

A collection of Dynalogic manuals, notes, source codes, and other documents,
gift of Don C. Lindsay

Morrow microcomputer and documentation,
gift of Michelle West

Two Hyperion microcomputers, Hyperion EX, manuals, software, and documentation,
gift of Brian Mahoney

HP64000 development system, software, and documentation,
gift of Wayne Cannon

gift of Eshrat Arjomandi in memory of Mr. Ibrahim Adimi.

Aristo slide rule,
gift to the Department of Computer Science and Engineering from Don Dautovich

KUTE NEWS: the newsletter of Kaypro Users of Toronto and Environs (Dec. 1985 -- Sep. 1987)
gift of Neil A. Macdougall

PowerBook 150,
gift of Ulya Yigit.

Voyager Sun SPARCstation,
gift of Ulya Yigit.

AES Word processor,
gift of Richard Weisman.

Two NABU PCs and three NABU Adaptors,
gift of Mike Kenzie.

An 8008-based home-built microcomputer and design documentation;
design documentation for the microprocessor-based Voting Station for Borough of North North;
a Norpak text display system;

gift of Howard Franklin.

Donations in 2003

Apple Macintosh,
gift of John Amanatides

MCM/900 and MCM DDS-1000 disk drive system,
gift of Andre Arpin

Exidy Sorcerer microcomputer,
gift of Peter Roosen-Runge

MCM MicroPower and MCM DDS-1000 disk drive system,
gift of Robert Bernecky

gift of Dan Cohoe

Rapid Data promotional brochures,
gift of Henryk Dasko

PowerBook Duo 230,
gift of Patrick Dymond

Apple IIe,
gift of Barbara Godard

Apple Lisa,
gift of Robert Holmes

Kaypro II,
gift of Marilyn McKellar

Various Amiga magazines,
gift of Tiit Kodar

MCM documents and promotional brochures,
gift of Mers Kutt

North Star Horizon microcomputer,
gift of Joseph Liu

DY-4 Orion microcomputer,
gift Arlen Michaels

Two (2) Dynalogic DMS microcomputers, software, and documentation,
gift of Dennis Mullin

MCM documents and promotional brochures,
gift of Gordon Ramer

Commodore 128D,
gift of Giovanni Salvia

gift of Thomas Shevlin

MCM/70 User's Guide, Micro Computer Machines,
gift of J. Morgan Smyth

Network Data Systems word-processor (the Pancake),
gift of Gordon Walter