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Digital Media  

The interdisciplinary and cross-Faculty Digital Media program combines a unique and rich blend of technology, media and communication, drawing on the strengths of the Computer Science, Fine Arts, Cultural Studies, and Social Sciences. In this four-year BA degree program, students engage with contemporary digital culture from arts and science perspectives. In today’s quickly changing digital world, it is important to understand both the technical and aesthetic side of the virtual coin. The Digital Media program has focii on cultural theory and studies and on the technical, scientific bases of digital media including a strong foundation in: The computational basis for the creation of interactive digital media, the use of imagery and sound, including animation and the simulation of 3D environments; The theoretical, artistic and experiential ideas that lie behind an informed understanding of the aesthetic aspects of digital media; The practice of creating digital media works that explore the ways in which culture is produced and can be produced through technology; and The broader socio-cultural effects and the theory and research concerning responses to and use of digital media. Students have the choice to further specialize in game development in the final year of the program.

Why choose York for Digital Media?  

  • York offers the only Digital Media program in the Greater Toronto Area.  
  • York's program in Digital Media is Interdisciplinary covering leading-edge digital media culture, theory and scientific basis for digital media technologies.
  • Digital Media students have the choice of being a student in either the Faculty of Fine Arts or the Faculty of Science & Engineering to specialize in their Faculty of choice.


You will take a diverse set of courses including: Programming for Digital Media, Building Interactive Systems, The Electronic Landscape, Arts and Ideas, Fundamentals of Data Structures, Foundations of Digital Media, Designing Interactive Objects, Interactive Performance and Installation, Introduction to 3D Computer Graphics, New Media Forms: the Database, Interactive Dance Studio, Popular Culture: Explorations in Theory and Practice, Machine-Mediated Human Communication, Virtual Reality, Building E-Commerce System, and Digital Media project.

All Digital Media students complete the aforementioned common set of core courses. Students in the Faculty of Fine Arts will likely choose additional electives from the Fine Arts courses, whereas students in the Faculty of Science & Engineering will likely choose their electives from Computer Science or other areas of science. Choose the Faculty that fits your interests.

Career Opportunities:

The program offers career opportunities in new media that range from creator, programmer, and manager in the gaming industry; creator and programmer for feature film effects and animation; development of mobile media and mobile cultural applications; development of e-learning and other web-based innovations for scientific and educational purposes to development and interactive design for film, TV, advertising, and business; and development of pervasive computing concepts such as wearable computers to virtual communities.

 For details, please contact dminfo@digitalmedia.yorku.ca or visit the Digital Media home page.

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