The time to complete all questions is 120 minutes.
The allowed programming languages are C, C++, Java.
You may bring books or other printed material if you like.

Input/Output format rules:
    1. All questions require you to read the test data from standard
          input and write results to standard output. You cannot use
          files for input or output.
    2. No white space should appear at the end of a line, and all
          lines should be terminated with a new line.
    3. Tabs should never be used.
    4. Output must correspond exactly to the provided sample output,
          including (mis)spelling and spacing.  Multiple spaces will
          not be used in any of the judges' output, except where
          expressly stated.

All programs will be re-compiled prior to testing with the judges'
Non-standard libraries cannot be used in your solutions. The Standard
    Template Library (STL) and C++ string libraries are allowed.
If you are using Java, do not put your class inside a package.
Programming style is not considered in this contest. You are free to
    code in whatever style you prefer.
Documentation is not required.
Each solution is given limited CPU time and memory to run for each
    input file.

Submitting solutions:

Your solution must be coded in a single source file.
In order to submit:

- Open a new terminal
- Change directory with "cd /cs/fac/packages/pc2"
- Run "./pc2team"
- Provide the login and password given to you by the judges
- Click on the Submit tab (if not already selected)
- Select the problem you solved
- Select the programming language your solution is written in
- Select the source file to submit
- Click on submit

The judge's response should appear a few moments later on your
screen.  You can also check the "View runs" tab to see the status
of your previously submitted solutions.


To see the online scoreboard during the contest, point your browser 
to the following file: 

When you submit a correct solution, you get points.  The number of
points you get is equal to the number of minutes elapsed since the
beginning of the contest plus a 20-minute penalty for each previous
incorrect solution you submitted for that problem.

The ranking is based on the number of problems solved.  If two people
have solved the same number of problems, the person with the LOWER
number of points is ranked higher.

So, the main goal is to solve as many problems as possible, but
speed and accuracy count too.