York Programming Contests 2007

The 2007 ACM East Central North America Regional Programming Contest will take place on Saturday, November 10. York will be represented by the Gnu YORKers (Robert Chen, Marcin Kwietniewski, Andrew Speers) and the York Yeomen (Trevor Brown, Chris Prevoe, Bart Verzijlenberg). We thank everyone for their participation. Open contests will resume in the new year.

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Contests held this term

September 12

September 19

September 26

October 5

October 10

October 17

October 22

October 27

About The Contests

What Are They? You will be given 3 problems and 2 hours to write programmes to solve them. You can choose to write your code in C, C++ or Java.

Who Is Eligible? Everyone! Come if you're in your first year, your final year, or anywhere in between.

Where Are They? In one of the first-floor labs in the Computer Science And Engineering Building. (See individual contest announcements for exact room.)


These contests are also intended to prepare students to represent York University at the ACM Programming Contest. This is a contest that draws thousands of participants from around the world. We will be choosing 6 students from those that participate in the practice contests to go to the regional contest on Saturday, November 10. (This would look great on your resume.) If you do well in the regional contest, you could get to go to the international contest next April.

To get an idea of the style of contest problems, there is a big archive of sample contest problems (of varying levels of difficulty) that you can look at. That site also has an online judge, so you can submit your solution and see if it is correct.

For actual problems from past ACM International Collegiate Programming Challenge contests, see this site. Note that although this site is run by the same people who run the problem archive linked to above, you will need a seperate registration for each.

For more programming competitions online, see TopCoder, as well as the Computing Olympiad.

Getting on the mailing list

If you cannot attend a contest, but wish to be added to the mailing list for future events, send mail one of the organizers @cse.yorku.ca. Their user names are bil, datta and ruppert. This site will be updated with new developments, so check back here.

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