ACM Programming Contest 2003

[updated Nov 9, 2003]

York Gold (Stefan Ihnatesn, Andreas Katsiapis, Zhiyan (Stan) Li)  ranked 6th out of 128 teams in the ACM Regional Programming Contest, beating teams from U. Toronto, Carnegie Mellon University and many many others! Congratulations to them!


There was a practice contest the night before. York Red had a hard time, since two of them used Java, and the Java VM failed to initialize. So the only member who used C (Zhonghao) is able to use the computer.

York Gold was luckier. Here they are, finalizing their strategy.


York Gold is pensive

and York Red cannot wait!

The coaches are relaxing after their second breakfast: Eric is happy thinking about the nap he can take once the contest starts, while Suprakash has made a tongue-in-cheek remark about wanting to go to Prague (for the world finals) -- luckily the students took him seriously!

The third coach, Bil, could not make it until later since we ran out of space in the rented car! Bil finally made it to the banquet (below) and drove back the students for their victory lap in Toronto!


After we filled up at the banquet, the final results were announced. York Gold blew us away -- they were the sixth best team overall, and the fourth best at the contest site (there were 4 sites). Here they are, accepting their prizes Pictures taken by the organizers at Sheridan are here.

Contest Report:  

The ACM East Central North America Regional Programming Contest was held Saturday, 8 November 2003, at Sheridan College, Oakville. 128 teams from 71 institutions throughout western Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, eastern Ontario, and Indiana (excluding Chicago) competed in the contest. We had two teams, York Gold and York Red. York Gold (Zhiyan (Stan) Li, Andreas Katsiapis, Stefan Ihnatesn) came 6th and York Red (Hui Wang, Hao Ma, Zhonghao Li) was ranked 52. York Gold solved 5 out of 8 problems. York Red solved 2 problems. The winning team solved 7 problems.

The teams above York Gold were 2 each from UMichigan (Ann Arbor) and Waterloo and one from UToronto. Teams below York Gold included one team from Toronto, 2 from Carnegie Mellon and many others. Needless to say this is a sensational result, far exceeding our past achievements in this contest. 

York teams

York Gold Zhiyan (Stan) Li, Andreas Katsiapis, Stefan Ihnatesn
York Red Hui Wang, Hao Ma, Zhonghao Li
Coaches: Prof. Suprakash Datta, Prof. Eric Ruppert, Prof Bil Tzerpos [email id's: (respectively) datta, ruppert, bil]

Our preparations this year

  • The teams that will represent York this year are
    (a)Stefan Ihnatesn, Andreas Katsiapis, Zhiyan (Stan) Li
    (b)Hao Ma, Li Zhonghao and Hui Wang
    We will meet  for intensive preparations from now to the contest.
  • The winner of the sixth York contest (Oct 1) was Andreas Katsiapis. The second and winners were Li Zhonghao and Hui Wang, and the third place went to Tom Mok. CONGRATULATIONS Andreas!!
  • The winner of the fifth York contest (Oct 1) was Hui Wang and Zhonghao Li. No other team submitted any correct solutions. CONGRATULATIONS Hui and Zhonghao!!
  • The winner of the fourth York contest (Sept 24) was Stefan Ihnatesn. The second and third place winners (respectively) Andreas Katsiapis and Hui Wang. CONGRATULATIONS Stefan!!
  • The winner of the third York contest (Sept 17) was Stefan Ihnatesn. The second and third place winners (respectively) were Hao Ma and Andreas Katsiapis. CONGRATULATIONS Stefan!!
    Stefan Stefan Hao  Andreas 
    The contest 
  • The winner of The second York contest (Sept 10) was Andreas Katsiapis. The second and third place winners (respectively) were Stefan Ihnatesn and Hui Wang. CONGRATULATIONS Andreas!!
  • The winner of The first York contest (July 29) was Zhiyan (Stan) Li. CONGRATULATIONS Stan!!
    We plan to put up names and pictures displayed on a notice board on the ground floor of CSB soon.

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