Accepted Workshops

Please consult the webpage of each workshop for call for papers, deadlines, and more.

Workshop Date Title Organizers
AW1 AC 1 day, Tuesday May 11 Agent Communication Amit Chopra, Alexander Artikis, Jamal Bentahar, Frank Dignum
AW2 ACAN 1 day, Tuesday May 11 Agent-Based Complex Automated Negotiations Takayuki Ito, Minjie Zhang, Valentin Robu, Shaheen Fatima, Tokuro Matsuo, et al.
AW3 ADMI 1 day, Tuesday May 11 Agents and Data Mining Interaction Longbing Cao, Ana Bazzan, Pericles Mitkas, Vladimir Gorodetsky
AW4 AGS 1 day, Monday May 10 Agents for Games and Simulation Frank Dignum, Jeff Bradshaw, Jeff Orkin, Annerieke Heuvelink
AW5 ALA 1 day, Monday May 10 Adaptive and Learning Agents Marek Grzes, Matthew Taylor
AW6 ALIHT 1 day, Tuesday May 11, Merged with AW23 Agents Learning Interactively from Human Teachers Jacob Beal, Sonia Chernova, Brenna Argall, Bradley Knox, Daniel Oblinger, Matt Taylor, Andrea Thomaz
AW7 AMEC 1 day, Monday May 10 Agent-Mediated Electronic Commerce XII Onn Shehory, Esther David, Sebastian Stein, Alex Rogers
AW8 AOSE 1 day, Monday May 10, Changed! Agent Oriented Software Engineering Marie-Pierre Gleizes, Danny Weyns
AW9 ARDE 0.5 day, Monday May 10,Afternoon, Changed! Agents in Real-time and Dynamic Environments Ubbo Visser, Sahar Asadi, Tim Laue, N. Michael Mayer
AW10 ARGMAS 1 day, Monday May 10 Argumentation in Multi-agent Systems Peter McBurney, Simon Parsons, Iyad Rahwan
AW11 ATES 1 day, Tuesday May 11 Agent Technologies for Energy Systems Alex Rogers, Stephen MacArthur, Ying Guo
AW12 ATOP 1 day, Monday May 10 Agent-based Technologies and applications for enterprise interOPerability Joerg Muller, Klaus Fisher, Renato Levy
AW13 ATT 1 day, Tuesday May 11 Agent in Traffic and Transportation Franziska Kluegl, Sassha Ossowski, Brahim Chaib-Draa, Ana Bazzan
AW14 CHACIE 0.5 day, Monday May 10, Morning Collaborative Human/AI Control for Interactive Experiences Manish Mehta, Christina Strong , and David Thue
AW15 COIN 1 day, Tuesday May 11 Coordination, Organizations, Institutions and Norms in Agents Jeremy Pitt, Marina De Vos
AW16 COOPMAS 0.5 day, Monday May 10, Afternoon Cooperative Games in Multiagent Systems Yoram Bachrach, Edith Elkind, Kate Larson, Michael Wooldridge
AW17 DALT 1 day, Monday May 10 Declarative Agent Languages and Technologies Andrea Omicini, Sebastian Sardina, Wamberto Vasconcelos
AW18 DCR 1 day, Tuesday May 11 Distributed Constraint Reasoning Robert Lass, Evan Sultanik
AW19 ECA 1 day, Monday May 10 Interacting with ECAs as Virtual Characters Elisabeth Andre, Marc Cavazza
AW20 ITMAS 0.5 day, Tuesday May 11, Afternoon Infrastructures and Tools for Multiagent Systems Vicent Botti, Ana Garcia-Fornes, Jomi Hubmer, Andrea Omicini, Juan Rodriguez-Aguillar
AW21 LAMAS 0.5 day, Tuesday May 11, Afternoon Logical Aspects of Multi-Agent Systems Valentin Goranko, Wojtek Jamroga, Matthijs Melissen
AW22 MABS 1 day, Tuesday May 11 Multi-Agent-Based Simulation Tibor Bosse, Catholijn Jonker, Armando Geller
AW23 MASEIE 1 day, Tuesday May 11, Merged with AW6 Multi-Agent Systems for Education and Interactive Entertainment Martin Beer, Maria Fasli, Debbie Richards
AW24 MSDM 1 day, Tuesday May 11 Multi-Agent Sequential Decision Making in Uncertain Domains Christopher Amato, Matthijs Spaan, Prashant Doshi, Georgios Chalkiadakis, Abdel-Illah Mouaddib
AW25 OPTMAS 1 day, Monday May 10 Optimisation in Multi-Agent Systems Alessandro Farinelli, Alex Rogers, Nick Jennings, Sarvapali Ramchum, Juan Antonio Rodriguez
AW26 PCAR 1 day, Monday May 10 Practical Cognitive agents and Robots Wei Liu, Mary-Anne Williams, Xiaoping Chen
AW27 PROMAS 1 day, Tuesday May 11 Programming in Multi-agent Systems Peter Novak, Rem Collier, Jurgen Dix
AW28 SOCASE 1 day, Tuesday May 11 Service-Oriented Computing: Agents, Semantics, and Engineering Ryszard Kowalczyk, Michael Huhns, Zakaria Maamar, Bao Vo, Rainer Unland
AW29 TAS 1 day, Monday May 10 Trust in Agent Societies Rino Falcone, Suzanne Barber, Jordi Sabater-Mir, Munindar Singh
AW30 WEIN 1 day, Monday May 10 Emergent Intelligence and Networked Agents Frank Schweitzer, Akira Namatame, Hideyuki Nakashima, Satoshi Kurihara

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