Camera Ready Instructions

The deadline for camera ready is February 5, 2010.

Copyright Form

Do not forget to sign and return the copyright form (download the PDF or DOC). Forms need to be faxed to Alex Rogers, fax +44 (0) 23 8059 2865 by Frebruary 5, 2010.

Formatting Instructions

The page limit for camera ready full papers is 8 pages, and for extended abstracts, 2 pages. Extended abstracts should be designated with the subtitle ‘(Extended Abstract)’ and with a corresponding note in the copyright slug. Please use this Latex style file (see this example for its usage) or this Word template for full papers, and this Latex style file or this Word template for extended abstracts.

Note that the Latex sytle files and Word templates have been updated since the submission, so please make that you use these one. Furthermore, please ensure that your final PDF file is US letter size (8.5 x 11 inches), that the title and author information in the copyright slug is correct, and that there are no page numbers.

Mandatory Sections

The mandatory sections of the ACM styles are also mandatory for camera ready versions of accepted AAMAS 2010 papers. According to ACM: "these index terms effect the ease and accuracy of retrieval within the Digital Library which ultimately benefits authors by allowing for greater distribution of their work". Thus, although it may not be trivial to find the appropriate classification information, you should make an effort filling these sections:
  • Categories and Subject Descriptors: Details of the ACM Computing Classification Scheme are available here here.
  • General Terms: This section is limited to the following 16 terms: Algorithms, Management, Measurement, Documentation, Performance, Design, Economics, Reliability, Experimentation, Security, Human Factors, Standardization, Languages, Theory, Legal Aspects, Verification.
  • Keywords: This section is your choice of terms you would like to be indexed by. Please consult this page for a list of keywords.

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