Call for Papers - Special Tracks

In addition to submissions in the main track, AAMAS is soliciting papers in two special tracks on robotics, and on virtual agents:

Special Track on Robotics (Chair: Michael Beetz):

Papers on theory and applications concerning single and multiple robots will be welcome, namely those focusing on real robots interacting with their surrounding environments. The goal is to foster interaction between researchers on agent and robotics systems, so as to provide a cradle for cross-fertilization of concepts from both fields.

Special Track on Virtual Agents (Chair: Stacy Marsella):

Virtual agents are embodied agents in interactive virtual or physical environments that emulate human-like behavior. We encourage papers on the design, implementation, and evaluation of virtual agents as well as challenging applications featuring them. The goal is to provide an opportunity for interaction and cross-fertilization between the AAMAS
community and researchers working on virtual agents and to strengthen links between the two communities.

Submission and Review Process

The review process for the special tracks will be the same as for the main track , but with specially-selected program committee members.

[Last updated: Wed May 05 2010]

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