List of Accepted Full Papers

ID Title Authors
24Evaluation of Virtual Agents Attributed with Theory of Mind in a Real Time Action Game Mark Hoogendoorn, Jeremy Soumokil
26When Should There be a "Me" in "Team"? Distributed Multi-Agent Optimization Under Uncertainty Matthew Taylor, Manish Jain, Yanqin Jin, Makoto Yokoo, Milind Tambe
28Reasoning about Agents and Protocols via Goals and Commitments Amit Chopra, Fabiano Dalpiaz, Paolo Giorgini, John Mylopoulos
31Augmenting Appearance-Based Localization and Navigation using Belief Update Guy Shani, George Chrysanthakopoulos
32Strategic Planning for Probabilistic Games with Incomplete Information Henning Schnoor
35Moving Target D* Lite Xiaoxun Sun, William Yeoh, Sven Koenig
36Monotone cooperative games and their threshold versions Haris Aziz, Felix Brandt, Paul Harrenstein
40Frequency Adjusted Multi-agent Q-learning Michael Kaisers, Karl Tuyls
44On the Logic of Argumentation Theory Davide Grossi
46Complexity of Judgment Aggregation: Safety of the Agenda Ulle Endriss, Umberto Grandi, Daniele Porello
47Decision Making with Dynamically Arriving Information Meir Kalech, Avi Pfeffer
51Manipulation of Copeland Elections Piotr Faliszewski, Edith Hemaspaandra, Henning Schnoor
52Dependence Theory via Game Theory Davide Grossi, Paolo Turrini
53Using Geometric Diffusions for Recognition-Primed Multi-Agent Decision Making Xiaocong Fan, Meng Su
64Optimal Social Laws Thomas Ågotnes, Michael Wooldridge
65Partial Order Reductions for model checking temporal epistemic logic over interleaved mulit-agent sy Alessio Lomuscio, Wojciech Penczek, Hongyang Qu
80Agents and Artefacts for Multiple Models co-evolution (AA4MM) Julien Siebert, Laurent Ciarletta, Vincent Chevier
81Collective Argument Evaluation as Judgement Aggregation Iyad Rahwan, Fernando Tohme
85Ants Meeting Algorithms Asaf Shiloni, Alon Levy, Ariel Felner, Meir Kalech
87Combining statistics and arguments to compute trust Paul-Amaury Matt, Maxime Morge, Francesca Toni
89Using Counterfactual Regret Minimization to Create Competitive Multiplayer Poker Agents Nick Abou Risk, Duane Szafron
92What Should Be Learned In Agent-Centered Search? Sturtevant Nathan, Vadim Bulitko, Yngvi Bjornsson
103Using Graph Analysis to Study Networks of Adaptive Agent Sherief Abdallah
104On the Role of Distances in Defining Voting Rules Edith Elkind, Piotr Faliszewski, Arkadii Slinko
106Programming Norm Change Nick Tinnemeier, Mehdi Dastani, John-Jules Meyer
112On the Limits of Dictatorial Classification Reshef Meir, Ariel Procaccia, Jeffrey Rosenschein
118Point-Based Policy Generation for Decentralized POMDPs Feng Wu, Shlomo Zilberstein, Xiaoping Chen
119Avoiding the Prisoner's Dilemma in Auction-based Negotiations for Highly Rugged Utility Spaces Ivan Marsa-Maestre, Miguel A. Lopez-Carmona, Juan R. Velasco, Enrique de la Hoz
127Honor Among Thieves - Collusion In Multi-Unit Auctions Yoram Bachrach
129Path Disruption Games Yoram Bachrach, Ely Porat
135Strategy Exploration in Empirical Games Patrick Jordan, Michael Wellman
170Learning Context Conditions for BDI Plan Selection Dhirendra Singh, Sebastian Sardina, Lin Padgham, Stephane Airiau
171Changing Neighbours: Improving Tag-Based Cooperation Nathan Griffiths, Michael Luck
183Finding Contingent Plans with Loops by Incrementally Generalizing and Merging Classical Plans Siddharth Srivastava, Neil Immerman, Shlomo Zilberstein
185Opportunistic Belief Reconciliation During Distributed Interactions Paul Martin, Dave Robertson, Michael Rovatsos
186Minimal Retentive Sets in Tournaments Felix Brandt, Markus Brill, Felix Fischer, Paul Harrenstein
189Distributed Multiagent Learning with a Broadcast Adaptive Subgradient Method Renato Cavalcante, Alex Rogers, Nick Jennings, Isao Yamada
190Flexible Task Resourcing for Intelligent Agents Murat Sensoy, Wamberto Vasconcelos, Timothy Norman
192A General, Fully Distributed Multi-Agent Planning Algorithm Raz Nissim, Ronen Brafman, Carmel Domshlak
196Risk-Sensitive Planning in Partially Observable Environments Janusz Marecki, Pradeep Varakantham
203An Agent-Based Framework to Support Crime Prevention Tibor Bosse, Charlotte Gerritsen
208Alternating-time Dynamic Logic Nicolas Troquard, Dirk Walther
210How important are simulation schemes in multi-agent systems? Nazim Fatès, Vincent Chevier
211Resource-bounded alternating-time temporal logic Natasha Alechina, Brian Logan, Hoang Nga Nguyen, Abdur Rakib
219A Game-Theoretic Analysis of Market Selection Strategies for Competing Double Auction Marketplaces Bing Shi, Enrico Gerding, Perukrishnen Vytelingum, Nick Jennings
224Decision Rules and Decision Markets Abraham Othman, Tuomas Sandholm
226When Do Markets with Simple Agents Fail? Abraham Othman, Tuomas Sandholm
227A Logic-Based Representation for Coalitional Games with Externalities Tomasz Michalak, Dorota Marciniak, Marcin Szamotulski, Talal Rahwan, Peter McBurney, Michael Wooldridge, Nick Jennings
228Finding Approximate Competitive Equilibria: Efficient and Fair Course Allocation Abraham Othman, Eric Budish, Tuomas Sandholm
238Enumeration and Exact Design of Weighted Voting Games Bart de Keijzer, Tomas Klos, Yingqian Zhang
243To Teach or not to Teach? Decision Making Under Uncertainty in Ad Hoc Team Peter Stone, Sarit Kraus
245Combining Function Approximation, Human Teachers, and Training Regimens for Real-World RL Peng Zang, Arya Irani, Peng Zhou, Charles Isbell, Andrea Thomaz
248High-level Reinforcement Learning in Strategy Games Christopher Amato, Guy Shani
250Stackelberg vs. Nash in Security Games: Interchangeability, Equivalence, and Uniqueness Zhengyu Yin, Dmytro Korzhyk, Christopher Kiekintveld, Vincent Conitzer, Ronald Parr, Milind Tambe
251Strategy-proof Allocation of Multiple Items without Payments or Priors Mingyu Guo, Vincent Conitzer
253Preference Elicitation for Risky Prospects Greg Hines, Kate Larson
258Asynchronous Algorithms for Approximate Distributed Constraint Optimization with Quality Bounds Christopher Kiekintveld, Zhengyu Yin, Atul Kumar, Milind Tambe
259Inter-Robot Transfer Learning for Perceptual Categorization Kira Zsolt
282A Systematic Agent Framework for Situated Autonomous Systems Frederic Py, Kanna Rajan, Conor McGann
283Agent-based Micro-Storage Management for the Smart Grid Perukrishnen Vytelingum, Thomas D. Voice, Sarvapali Ramchurn, Alex Rogers, Nick Jennings
284Characterising and Matching Iterative and Recursive Agent Interaction Protocols Tim Miller, Peter McBurney
294Aggregating Preferences in Multi-Issue Domains by Using Maximum Likelihood Estimators Lirong Xia, Vincent Conitzer, Jerome Lang
296Agent Composition Synthesis based on ATL Guiseppe De Giacomo, Paolo Felli
298An Architecture for Modular Distributed Simulation with Agent-Based Models David Scerri, Sarah Hickmott, Lin Padgham, Alexis Drogoul
308Worst-case efficiency ratio in false-name-proof combinatorial auction mechanisms Atsushi Iwasaki, Vincent Conitzer, Mingyu Guo, Taiki Todo, Yoshifusa Omori, Yuko Sakurai, Makoto Yokoo
312Cooperative Problem Solving against Adversary:Quantified Distributed Constraint Satisfaction Problem Satomi Baba, Naofumi Nishimura, Atsushi Iwasaki, Makoto Yokoo, Marius Silaghi, Katsutoshi Hirayama, Toshihiro Matsui
313PAC-MDP Learning with Knowledge-based Admissible Models Marek Grzes, Daniel Kudenko
328Complexity of Social Welfare Optimization in Multiagent Resource Allocation Magnus Roos, Joerg Rothe
332Improving DPOP with Function Filtering Ismel Brito, Pedro Meseguer
333On Events in Multi-Robot Patrol in Adversarial Environments Noa Agmon
339Distributed BDD-based BMC for the Verification of Multi-Agent Systems Andrew Jones, Alessio Lomuscio
340Optimal Temporal Decoupling in Multiagent Systems Léon Planken, Mathijs de Weerdt, Cees Witteveen
343CTL-STIT: enhancing ATL to express important multi-agent system verification properties Jan Broersen
352I Mean It! Detecting user intentions to create believable behaviour for virtual agents in games Eurico Doirado, Carlos Martinho
356Agent Programming via Planning Programs Guiseppe De Giacomo, Fabio Patrizi, Sebastian Sardina
367Adaptive Expressiveness -- Virtual Conversational Agents That Can Align to Their Interaction Partner Hendrik Buschmeier, Kirsten Bergmann, Stefan Kopp
368Divide and Coordinate: solving DCOPs by agreement Meritxell Vinyals, Marc Pujol, Juan Antonio Rodriguez Aguilar, Jesús Cerquides
378Agent Interaction, Multiple Perspectives, and Swarming Simulation H. Van Dyke Parunak, Sven Brueckner, Robert Bisson
379UAV Swarm Coordination using Cooperative Control for establishing a Wireless Communications Backbone Achudhan Sivakumar, Colin Tan
390A Decentralised Coordination Algorithm for Maximising Sensor Coverage in Large Sensor Networks Ruben Stranders, Alex Rogers, Nick Jennings
392Making Norms Concrete Huib Aldewereld, Sergio Álvarez-Napagao, Frank Dignum, Javier Vazquez-Salceda
393Optimal Planning Against Fictitious Players Enrique Munoz de Cote, Nick Jennings
398Cultivating Desired Behavior: Policy Teaching Via Environment-Dynamics Tweaks Zinovi Rabinovich, Lachlan Dufton, Kate Larson, Nick Jennings
403Optimal Policy Switching Algorithms for Reinforcement Learning Gheorghe Comanici, Doina Precup
409Using Virtual Agents to Simulate Interpersonal Communication Coordination of Different Cultures Birgit Endrass, Lixing Huang, Jonathan Gratch, Elisabeth Andre
421Learning Multi-Agent State Space Representations Yann-Michaël De Hauwere, Peter Vrancx, Ann Nowe
434A Model of Normative Power Nir Oren, Michael Luck, Simon Miles
436Modeling multi-agent scenarios involving agents knowledge about other's knowledge using ASP Chitta Baral, Gregory Gelfond, Enrico Pontelli, Tran Son
440Scalable Mechanism Design for the Procurement of Services with Uncertain Durations Enrico Gerding, Sebastian Stein, Kate Larson, Alex Rogers, Nick Jennings
441Aggregation-mediated Collective Perception and Action in a Swarm of Miniaturized Robots Grégory Mermoud, Loïc Matthey, Christopher Evans, Alcherio Martinoli
444Dominating Sets of Agents in Visibility Graphs: Distributed Algorithms for Art Gallery Problems Evan Sultanik, Ali Shokoufandeh, William Regli
447Laplacian-Based Consensus on Spatial Computers Nelson Elhage, Jacob Beal
455An Effective Personal Mobile Robot Agent Through a Symbiotic Human-Robot Interaction Stephanie Rosenthal, Joydeep Biswas, Manuela Veloso
463Modeling Recursive Reasoning by Humans Using Empirically Informed Interactive POMDPs Prashant Doshi, Xia Qu, Adam Goodie, Diana Young
466Classification and Strategical Issues of Argumentation Games on Structured Argumentation Frameworks Matthias Thimm, Alejandro J. Garcia
469A Quantified Distributed Constraint Optimization Problem Toshihiro Matsui, Marius Silaghi, Katsutoshi Hirayama, Makoto Yokoo, Hiroshi Matsuo, Satomi Baba
472MADCAP: MDP Approximate Dynamic Programming with Affine ADDs Scott Sanner, William Uther, Karina Valdivia Delgado
483Trading Agents for the Smart Electricity Grid Perukrishnen Vytelingum, Sarvapali Ramchurn, Thomas D. Voice, Alex Rogers, Nick Jennings
487Role Evolution in Open Multi-Agent Systems as an Information Source for Trust Ramón Hermoso, Holger Billhardt, Sascha Ossowski
490Solving Identical Payoff Bayesian Games with Heuristic Search Frans Oliehoek, Matthijs Spaan, Jilles Dibangoye, Christopher Amato
491Multiagent Resource Allocation with Sharable Items: Simple Protocols and Nash Equilibria Stephane Airiau, Ulle Endriss
492Decentralized Hash Tables For Mobile Robot Teams Solving Logistics Tasks Dali Sun, Alexander Kleiner, Christian Schindelhauer
499History-Dependent Graphical Multiagent Models Quang Duong, Michael Wellman, Satinder Singh, Yevgeniy Vorobeychik
506Learning Multirobot Joint Action Plans from Simultaneous Task Execution Demonstrations Murilo Martins, Yiannis Demiris
508Multi-Target Adaptive A* Kengo Matsuta, Hayato Kobayashi, Ayumi Shinohara
509Coalition Formation with Spatial and Temporal Constraints Sarvapali Ramchurn, Maria Polukarov, Alessandro Farinelli, Cuong Truong, Nick Jennings
512Using spatial hints to improve policy reuse in a reinforcement learning agent Bruno da Silva, Alan Mackworth
514Emotions to Control Agent Deliberation Bas Steunebrink, Mehdi Dastani, John-Jules Meyer
521Generalized Fringe-Retrieving A* for Unmanned Ground Vehicle Navigation Xiaoxun Sun, William Yeoh, Sven Koenig
527Local search for Distributed Asymmetric Optimization Alon Grubshtein, Tal Grinshpoun, Amnon Meisels, Roie Zivan
529Incremental Plan Aggregation for Generating Policies in MDPs Florent Teichteil-Konigsbuch, Ugur Kuter, Guillaume Infantes
535Coordination of Agent Schedules using Distributed Neighbor Exchange James Atlas, Keith Decker
542Influence of different execution models on patrolling ants behavior : from agents to robots Arnaud Glad, Olivier SIMONIN, Olivier Buffet, Charpillet François
543Collective Decision-Making in Multi-Agent Systems by Implicit Leadership Chih-Han Yu, Justin Werfel, Radhika Nagpal
550A Logical Framework for Prioritized Goal Change Shakil Khan, Yves Lesperance
551Collaborative Foraging using Beacons Brian Hrolenok, Sean Luke, Keith Sullivan, Christopher Vo
553A Probabilistic Model for Trust and Reputation George Vogiatzis, Ian MacGillivray, Maria Chli
566Establishing Spatially Targeted Communication in a Heteregeneous Robot Swarm Nithin Mathews, Anders Christensen, Eliseo Ferrante, Rehan O'Grady, Marco Dorigo
567A Distributed Algorithm for Anytime Coalition Structure Generation Tomasz Michalak, Jacek Sroka, Talal Rahwan, Peter McBurney, Michael Wooldridge, Nick Jennings
570Model checking detectability of attacks in multiagent systems Ioana Boureanu, Mika Cohen, Alessio Lomuscio
573Strategic Executions of Choreographed Timed Normative Multi-Agent Systems Lacramioara Astefanoaei, Frank S. de Boer, Mehdi Dastani
575A Graph-Theoretic Approach to Protect Static and Moving Targets from Adversaries Gerardo Simari, John Dickerson, V.S. Subrahmanian, Sarit Kraus
577Improving the Performance of Complex Agent Plans Through Reinforcement Learning Matteo Leonetti, Luca Iocchi
581Coalition Structure Generation in Multi-Agent Systems with Mixed Externalities Bikramjit Banerjee, Landon Kraemer
589Point-Based Backup for Decentralized POMDPs: Complexity and New Algorithms Akshat Kumar, Shlomo Zilberstein
592On the Complexity of Coalition Formation Problems with a Bounded Number of Agent Types Tammar Shrot, Yonatan Aumann, Sarit Kraus
597Towards Agents that Understand Organizations: A Semantic Approach M. Birna van Riemsdijk, Koen Hindriks, Catholijn Jonker, Maarten Sierhuis
601Agent Based Information Aggregation Efthimios Bothos, Dimitris Apostolou, Gregoris Mentzas
604Computing Equilibria by Incorporating Qualitative Models Sam Ganzfried, Tuomas Sandholm
606Deception in Networks of Mobile Sensing Agents Viliam Lisý, Roie Zivan, Katia Sycara, Michal Pechoucek
610Strategy Generation in Multi-Agent Imperfect-Information Pursuit Scenarios Eric Raboin, Dana Nau, Ugur Kuter, Satyandra K. Gupta, Petr Svec
623Exploiting Domain Knowledge to Improve Norm Synthesis George Christelis, Michael Rovatsos, Ronald Petrick
625Reasoning about Strategies of Agent Programs Mehdi Dastani, Wojciech Jamroga
630Evolving Policy Geometry for Scalable Multiagent Learning David D\\\'Ambrosio, Joel Lehman, Sebastian Risi, Kenneth Stanley
632An Integrated Possibilistic Framework for Goal Generation in Cognitive Agents Célia da Costa Pereira, Andrea Tettamanzi
633Model Checking ATL+ Is Harder than It Seemed Nils Bulling, Wojciech Jamroga
644Self-Organization for Coordinating Decentralized Reinforcement Learning Chongjie Zhang, Victor Lesser, Sherief Abdallah
645Hybrid Transitive-Trust Mechanisms Jie Tang, Sven Seuken, David Parkes
651Bootstrapping Trust Evaluations through Stereotypes Chris Burnett, Timothy Norman, Katia Sycara
653Combining Manual Feedback with Subsequent MDP Reward Signals for Reinforcement Learning W. Bradley Knox, Peter Stone
661Argumentative Alternate Offers Nabila Hadidi, Yannis Dimopoulos, Pavlos Moraitis
668Agreeing on Plans Through Iterated Disputes Alexandros Belesiotis, Michael Rovatsos, Iyad Rahwan
669Narrative Generation through Charactersí Point of View Julie Porteous, Marc Cavazza, Fred Charles
670OurAgent: a Champion Bidding Agent for Ad Auctions David Pardoe, Doran Chakraborty, Peter Stone
677Success, strategy and skill: an experimental study Christopher Archibald, Alon Altman, Yoav Shoham
697Exploiting Scale Invariant Dynamics for Efficient Information Propagation in Large Teams Robin Glinton, Paul Scerri, Katia Sycara
698Basis Function Construction for Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning Sarah Osentoski, Sridhar Mahadevan
711Linear Options Jonathan Sorg, Satinder Singh
713How Multiple Current Users React to a Quiz Agent Attentive to the Dynamics of their Participation Huang Hung-Hsuan, Takuya Furukawa, Hiroki Ohashi, Aleksandra Cerekovic, Igor Pandzic, Yukiko Nakano, Toyoaki Nishida
727Evaluating Directorial Control in a Character-Centric Interactive Narrative Framework Mei Si, Stacy Marsella, David Pynadath
736Generalized Solution Techniques for Preference-Based Constrained Optimization with CP-nets James Boerkoel, Ed Durfee, Keith Purrington
739Evaluating Models of Speaker Head Nods for Virtual Agents Jina Lee, Zhiyang Wang, Stacy Marsella
742Pure Nash Equilibria: Complete Characterization of Hard and Easy Graphical Games Albert Xin Jiang, MohammadAli Safari
757Automated Negotiation with Decommitment for Dynamic Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing Bo An, Victor Lesser, David Irwin, Michael Zink
766Assignment Problem in Requirement Driven Agent Collaboration and its Application Tool Jian Tang, Zhi Jin
775Distributed Coordination of Mobile Agent Teams: The Advantage of Planning Ahead Laura Barbulescu, Zachary Rubinstein, Stephen Smith, Terry Zimmerman
777Developing High-level Cognitive Functions for Service Robots Xiaoping Chen, Jianmin Ji, Jiehui Jiang, Guoqiang Jin, Feng Wang, Jiongkun Xie
786Modeling Collision Avoidance Behavior for Virtual Humans Stephen Guy, Ming Lin, Dinesh Manocha
790Joint Process Games: From Thermostats to Wikis Michael Munie, Yoav Shoham
798Parasocial Consensus Sampling: Combining Multiple Perspectives to Learn Virtual Human Behavior Lixing Huang, Louis-Phillippe Morency, Jonathan Gratch
803Internal Implementation Ashton Anderson, Yoav Shoham, Alon Altman
805Agents Towards Vehicle Routing Problems Jiri Vokrinek, Antonin Komenda, Michal Pechoucek
841Infinite order Lorenz dominance for fair multiagent optimization Boris Golden, Patrice Perny

List of Accepted Short Papers

ID Title Authors
6Emotional Eye Movement Markup Language for Virtual Agents Zheng Li, Xia Mao
17Incentive Analysis of Approximately Efficient Allocation Algorithms Yevgeniy Vorobeychik, Yagil Engel
22Parameterizing the Winner Determination Problem for Combinatorial Auctions David Loker, Kate Larson
23An Investigation of Representations of Combinatorial Auctions David Loker, Kate Larson
37Using bisimulation for policy transfer in MDPs Pablo Castro, Doina Precup
39A BDI Architecture for Normative Decision Making Natalia Criado Pacheco, Estefanía Argente, Vicent Botti
43Time Constraints in Mixed Multi-unit Combinatorial Auctions Andreas Witzel, Ulle Endriss
50Distributed Clustering for Group Formation and Task Allocation in Multiagent Systems: a Swarm Intell Daniela Santos, Ana Bazzan
78Optimal Social Trust Path Selection in Complex Trust-Oriented Social Networks Guanfeng Liu, Yan Wang, Mehmet Orgun
91Runtime monitoring of contract regulated web services Alessio Lomuscio, Wociech Penczek, Monika Solanki, Maciej Szreter
101Syncretic Argumentation by Lattice Homomorphism and Fusion Hajime Sawamura
102Cooperative Equilibrium Joseph Halpern, Nan Rong
107On Monotonic Mixed Tactics and Strategies for 2-Agent Multi-Issue Negotiations Jan Richter, Matthias Klusch, Ryszard Kowalczyk
111Anytime Dynamic Programming for Coalition Structure Generation Travis Service, Julie Adams
123Information Gathering and Exchange for Coordination of Multi-Agent Teams Simon Williamson, Archie Chapman, Nick Jennings
125Agent-Encapsulated Bayesian Networks and the Rumor Problem Scott Langevin, Marco Valtorta, Mark Bloemeke
132Everything can be Agent! Yoann Kubera, Philippe Mathieu, Sébastien Picault
133Representing Bayesian Games Without a Common Prior Dimitrios Antos, Avi Pfeffer
137Requesting agent participation on Electronic Institutions Hector Ceballos, Pablo Noriega, Francisco Cantu
138Asynchronous Partitioning Framework Vitaliy Freidovich, Amnon Meisels
148Robot Coordination with Ad-hoc Team Formation Matt Knudson, Kagan Tumer
150Searching for a k-Clique in Unknown Graphs Roni Stern, Meir Kalech, Ariel Felner
165Argumentation versus Aggregation of Trust Evidence: an Experimental Comparison Pierpaolo Dondio
167Genetic-Aided Multi-Issue Bilateral Bargaining for Complex Utility Functions Víctor Sánchez-Anguix, Soledad Valero, Vicente Julian, Vicent Botti, Ana García-Fornes
173Local Search Techniques for Computing Equilibria in Two-Player General-Sum Strategic-Form Games Sofia Ceppi, Nicola Gatti, Giorgio Patrini, Marco Rocco
174An Algorithmic Game Theory Framework for Bilateral Bargaining with Uncertainty Sofia Ceppi, Nicola Gatti
182Accommodating driver preferences in reservation-based urban traffic management Matteo Vasirani, Sascha Ossowski
188Effect of Probabilistic Task Allocation Based on Statistical Analysis of Bid Values Toshiharu Sugawara, Kensuke Fukuda, Toshio Hirotsu, Satoshi Kurihara
198Combinatorial Auctions with Externalities Piotr Krysta, Tomasz Michalak, Tuomas Sandholm, Michael Wooldridge
209Comprehensive Trust Management Sandip Sen, Nick Malone, Kuheli Chakraborty
215Biologically Inspired Coalition Formation of Multi-Agent Systems Musad Haque, Amir Rahmani, Magnus Egerstedt
242A Simulation Approach to Design Contracts that Govern Emergent Multi-Agent Systems Maíra Gatti, Simon Miles, Nir Oren, Michael Luck, Carlos Lucena
244How to Protect a City: Strategic Security Placement in Graph-Based Domains Jason Tsai, Zhengyu Yin, Jun-young Kwak, David Kempe, Christopher Kiekintveld, Milind Tambe
246Mean-based Heuristic Search for Real-Time Planning Damien Pellier, Bruno Bouzy, Marc Métivier
247Partitioning the Multiagent Simple Temporal Problem for Concurrency and Privacy James Boerkoel, Ed Durfee
256Market-based Risk Allocation for Multi-agent Systems Masahiro Ono, Brian Williams
261Towards a new cognitive modeling approach for multi-agent based simulation of stock market dynamics Zahra Kodia, Lamjed Ben Said, Khaled Ghedira
288A Grey-Box Approach to Automated Mechanism Design Jinzhong Niu, Kai Cai, Simon Parsons
292A Clustering Approach to Filtering Unfair Testimonies for Reputation Systems Siyuan Liu, ChunYan Miao, Yin-Leng Theng, Alex Kot
293Searching for Pure Strategy Equilibria in Bilateral Bargaining With One-sided Uncertainty Bo An, Nicola Gatti, Victor Lesser
295Deceptive Agents and Language Mark Dras, Debbie Richards, Meredith Taylor, Mary Gardiner
326Male optimality and uniqueness in stable matching problems with partial orders Mirco Gelain, Maria Silvia Pini, Francesca Rossi, Kristen Brent Venable, Toby Walsh
331Knowledge in LineLand Olivier Gasquet, Schwarzentruber Francois
335Effective Negotiation with Partial Preference Information Reyhan Aydogan, Pinar Yolum
336A Virtual World Grammar for Automatic Generation of Virtual Worlds Tomas Trescak, Marc Esteva, Inmaculada Rodriguez
342Coordinated Navigation for Multi-Robot Systems with additional constraints Bernd Brüggemann, Dirk Schulz
345Reversal of Influence: Decrease of Innovator's Influence under Information Diversification Yukihisa Fujita, Yuichi Washida, Fujio Toriumi, Kazuhiro Ueda, Kenichiro Ishii
350Autonomous Image Based Exploration for Indoor Environments using Local Features Aravindhan Krishnan, Madhava Krishna, Supreeth Achar
354Co-evolution of Agent Strategies in N-player Social Dilemmas Raymond Chiong, Michael Kirley
369Dynamic Generation and Execution of Human Aware Navigation Plans Thibault Kruse, Alexandra Kirsch, Akin Sisbot, Rachid Alami
370Model-based Direct Policy Search Jan Hendrik Metzen, Frank Kirchner
372Directing value-driven artificial characters Rossana Damiano, Vincenzo Lombardo
375A Game Theoretic Approach to Decentralized Multi-Project Scheduling Tony Wauters, Katja Verbeeck, Greet Vanden Berghe, Patrick De Causmaecker
376Generation and Analysis of Multiple Futures with Swarming Agents H. Van Dyke Parunak
377Logic of Information Flow on Communication Channels Yanjing Wang, Floor Sietsma, Jan van Eijck
383A Multi-issue Negotiation Framework for Non-monotonic Preference Spaces Miguel A. Lopez-Carmona, Ivan Marsa-Maestre, Juan R. Velasco, Enrique de la Hoz
385On-line robot execution monitoring using probabilistic action duration} Vittorio Ziparo, Luca Iocchi, Daniele Nardi
391Dynamic Plot Generation by Continual Multiagent Planning Michael Brenner
397Multi Robotic Exploration with Communication Requirement to a Fixed Base Station Piyoosh Mukhija, Rahul Sawhney, Madhava Krishna
410Quasi Deterministic POMDPs and DecPOMDPs Camille Besse, Brahim Chaib-draa
412Combinatorial Contract Net Protocol: Model Checking & Simulation Paul Karaenke, Stefan Kirn
414A flexible agreement mechanism for dynamic meaning negotiation Ignazio Palmisano, Paul Doran, Valentina Tamma, Terry Payne
416Taking Turns in General Sum Markov Games Peter Vrancx, Katja Verbeeck, Ann Nowe
424Graphically Explaining Norms Madalina Croitoru, Nir Oren, Michael Luck, Simon Miles
426QA agents as an automation of social networks Albert Trias, josep lluis de la rosa, Gabor Dobrocsi, Boris Galitsky
428Sharing a Reward Based on Peer Evaluations Arthur Carvalho, Kate Larson
430Flexibly Priced Options: A New Mechanism for Sequential Auction Markets with Complementary Goods Valentin Robu, Ioannis Vetsikas, Enrico Gerding, Nick Jennings
456Multimodal Interaction with a Virtual Character in Interactive Storytelling Nikolaus Bee, Fred Charles, David Pizzi, Johannes Wagner, Elisabeth Andre, Marc Cavazza
462An approach to integrate web services and argumentation into a BDI system Federico Schlesinger, Marcelo Errecalde, Guillermo Aguirre
464Toward an Interleaved Model of Actions and Words in Social Simulation Jeff Orkin, Deb Roy
473Using Stereotypes to Understand One's Interactive Partner Alan Wagner
475A Reward Function Generation Method Using Genetic Algorithms: A Robot Soccer Case Study Çetin Meriçli, Tekin Meriçli, H. Levent Akin
479Approximate Planning for Decentralized MDPs with Sparse Interactions Francisco Melo, Manuela Veloso
485Robust Convention Emergence Through Spreading Mechanisms Norman Salazar, Juan Antonio Rodriguez Aguilar, Josep Ll. Arcos
501A Social-Network Defense against Whitewashing Adrian Perreau de Pinninck, Carles Sierra, Marco Schorlemmer, Stephen Cranefield
504Learning policies through Argumentation-derived Evidence Chukwuemeka Emele, Timothy Norman, Frank Guerin, Simon Parsons
507Inductively Generated Trust Alignments Based on Shared Interactions Andrew Koster, Jordi Sabater, Marco Schorlemmer
526Robots Autonomously Self-Assemble into Dedicated Morphologies to Solve Different Tasks Rehan O'Grady, Anders Christensen, Marco Dorigo
537Agent-based simulation of lock-in dynamics in a duopoly Michael Garlick, Maria Chli
538Coordination Through Institutional Roles in Robot Collectives José Nuno Pereira, Anders Christensen, Porfírio Silva, Pedro Lima
548Analyzing the impact of human bias on human-agent teams in resource allocation domains Praveen Paruchuri, Pradeep Varakantham, Katia Sycara, Paul Scerri
559Distributed Semantic Search for the Web: A Multiagent Approach Murat Sensoy
564Efficient Multi-Agent Coordination Using Resource-Aware Junction Trees Nicolas Stefanovitch, Alessandro Farinelli, Nick Jennings, Alex Rogers
568A formal approach to MASQ Razvan Dinu, Tiberiu Stratulat, Jacques Ferber
574Using Machine Learning to Augment Collaborative Filtering of Community Discussions Brennan Michael, Stacey Wrazien, Rachel Greenstadt
579Action Discovery for Reinforcement Learning Bikramjit Banerjee, Landon Kraemer
587Validation of Agent Based Crowd Egress Simulation Bikramjit Banerjee, Landon Kraemer
602An Agent Communication Protocol for Resolving Conflicts Jamal Bentahar
612False-name-proofness with Bid Withdrawal Mingyu Guo, Vincent Conitzer
613A Semiotic Perspective for Multi-agent Systems Development Sara Casare, Anarosa Brandão, Jaime Sichman
617Distributed Abductive Constraint Logic Programming Jiefei Ma, Alessandra Russo, Krysia Broda, Emil Lupu
621ClassroomWiki: A Wiki for the Classroom with Multiagent Tracking, Modeling, and Group Formation nobel khandaker, Leen-Kiat Soh
631Iterative Expanding Search in Multi-Agent Systems David Sarne, Simon Shamoun, Eli Rata
636Symbolic Model Checking for Agent Interactions Mohamed Elmenshawy Mohamed, Wei Wan, Jamal Bentahar, Rachida Dssouli
648MARIOnET: Motion Acquisition for Robots through Iterative Online Evaluative Training Adam Setapen, Michael Quinlan, Peter Stone
660Game Theoretic Network Centrality: Exact Formulas and Efficient Algorithms Karthik Aadithya, Ravindran Balaraman
665Multiple UAV Coalition Formation Strategies Sujit PB, Jose Pinto, Joel George
671Broadening the Scope of Optimal Seeding Analysis in Knockout Tournaments Vu Thuc, Yoav Shoham
678Online Model Learning in Adversarial Markov Decision Processes Doran Chakraborty, Peter Stone
680Closing the Learning-Planning Loop with Predictive State Representations Byron Boots, Sajid Siddiqi, Geoffrey Gordon
685The Practical Advantage of Surprise-based Agents Luis Macedo
692Self-organisation in an Agent Network via Learning Dayong Ye, Minjie Zhang, Danny Sutanto
693Wishful Thinking as an Effective Decision Strategy Jonathan Ito, David Pynadath, Liz Sonenberg, Stacy Marsella
694Agent Assistance for Multi-Robot Control Bennie Lewis, Bulent Tastan, Gita Sukthankar
703Improving the Efficiency of the Distributed Stochastic Algorithm Melanie Smith, Roger Mailler
710Capability-Based Role Assignment in Heterogeneous Multi-Robot Teams Somchaya Liemhetcharat, Manuela Veloso
717ESP: Pursuit Evasion on Series-Parallel Graphs Kenny Daniel, Sven Koenig, Craig Tovey, Richard Borie
719Speeding Up Gradient-Based Algorithms for Sequential Games Andrew Gilpin, Tuomas Sandholm
723Identifying and Utilizing Subgroup Coordination Patterns in Team Adversarial Games Kenneth Laviers, Gita Sukthankar
728From Policies to Influences: A Framework For Nonlocal Abstraction In Transition-dependent DEC-POMDP Agents Stefan Witwicki, Ed Durfee
732Improved Bounded Model Checking for a Fair Branching-Time Temporal Epistemic Logic Xiaowei Huang, Cheng Luo, Ron van der Meyden
735The Rapport Agent Elicits Socially Anxious Usersí Verbal Self-Disclosure Sin-Hwa Kang, Jonathan Gratch
741Collaborative Multiagent Gaussian Inference in a dynamic environment using Belief Propagation Stefano Ermon, Bart Selman, Carla Gomes
743Efficient Mechanisms with Small Subsidies Ruggiero Cavallo
763Agent-Based Analysis of Asset Pricing under Ambiguous Information Ben-Alexander Cassell, Michael Wellman
769Multi-Robot Area Coverage with Limited Visibility Pooyan Fazli, Alireza Davoodi, Philippe Pasquier, Alan Mackworth
771The Multi-Variable Multi-Constrained Distributed Constraint Optimization Framework Christopher Portway, Ed Durfee
795Robust Bayesian Methods for Stackelberg Security Games Christopher Kiekintveld, Janusz Marecki, Milind Tambe
807Multi-humoroid: Joking System That Reacts With Humor To Humans’ Bad Moods Pawel Dybala, Michal Ptaszynski, Rafal Rzepka, Kenji Araki
815Cognitive Coherence Driven Action Selection in Dynamic Environments sindhu joseph, Carles Sierra, Marco Schorlemmer
821Occlusion-aware Multi-UAV Surveillance Eduard Semsch, Michal Jakob, Dusan Pavlicek, Michal Pechoucek
852Bayesian Role Discovery for Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Wilson Aaron , Alan Fern, Prasad Tadepalli
853The Influence of Respiration on Perception of Affect in Embodied Agents Celso de Melo, Patrick Kenny, Jonathan Gratch

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